Friday, January 29, 2010

Durian Isu

It is not the ordinary durian we are talking about. This is another species of durian which believed can only be found in Borneo. It is commonly known as Durian Isu in Sarawak.

Some people do call it as Buah Isu or wild durian. In scientific term, it is called Durio oxleyanus. At a glance, it has not much differences than the ordinary durian which everyone is craving about. But when you look at it more carefully, this Durian Isu has longer and sharper curving thorns than the ordinary durian. Thus, you just have to be extra careful when open them or your fingers might get hurt!


Once opened, you can notice the flesh are much more yellowish than the normal durian. Some are even orange in color. They are very sticky and easily stick behind your teeth when eating them. The taste is a bit different from the ordinary durian with its very unique odor. Is hard to describe, perhaps you should try it out yourself!


The edible flesh are thinner than the one in the ordinary durian, but trust me, they are equally delicious!!! I personally like it very much!


However, Durian Isu are harder to find on the market. So, if you wish to try it, you may need to test your luck first~! ;)


  1. I still prefer the ordinary durian :P

  2. You sure you ever try this wild durian? Anyway, ordinary durian still taste better... maybe we already used to the odor...

  3. 哇啊。。屌,那个刺刺好长哦。。

  4. sedapnya... Wen, I really miss this.... I am drooling now.. dont think we can get this is West M'sia... Hopefully when I go back home, still the season of this buah....


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