Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bukit Cina Ginger Tau Fu Fa @ Malacca

When we were tired of walking on the street of Malacca looking for a tourism spot, coincidentally we met this soya bean stall at a narrow roadside (Lorong Bukit Cina). The old man (hereby call him the uncle) who was operating the stall approached us very friendlily and politely asking if we want to have some soya bean drink. We were attracted by him. We stopped a while to look at the stall before decided to take a short break before continue our journey.

The uncle then offered us seats beside his stall which consists of few red plastic chairs. The alleyway is just too narrow to accommodate any table. He then introduced the signature dessert from his stall to us, the brown sugar ginger tau fu fa!

Differ from the ordinary tau fu fa which used plain and cool sugar syrup as sweetening agent to the almost tastless soya bean curd a.k.a. tau fu fa, the ginger one was using special homemade hot ginger syrup. Worried that some people may not like or accept the aroma and taste of the ginger, the uncle adviced us to order one bowl to try out first before order for more.

After I tried a spoon, surprisingly person who is not in favor of ginger taste like me find the taste acceptable and quite nice to eat actually! The hot syrup is full of the spiciness of the ginger but it is sweet when put in the mouth. I craved for few more scoop after that!

However, as the weather was hot and we were in the thirst, we didn't order for more. We ordered cold and more cooling soya bean drinks instead which is equally nice and smooth!

The uncle told us many people even as far as Singapore will look for his stall and take his signature ginger tau fu fa whenever they visit to Malacca.

After I came back and googling through the Internet, I just discovered that this friendly uncle was not bluffing. His ginger tau fu fa is very famous in Malacca and this is actually the third generation business passing down from his father about 60 years ago. His son now is operating Bukit China Soya Bean House which serves 20 versions of tau fu fa at another outlet.

You should try out when you visit to Malacca! Feeling regret that I didn't took much photos on this!


  1. Michael, you just expect next month, trip again, muahahah ....

  2. wah... go for holiday again? huiyo.. chin chay lui ooooo


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