Friday, September 24, 2010

2nd Sibu Lantern Festival - Day View of the Standing Lanterns

Yeah... I know this is not something fresh. It is about the 2nd Sibu Lantern Festival which was started on the 16th and by now it's more than a week's old already. This is in fact the 4th post I shared about this festive event because I found out that there are too many colorful photos to share. No matter you like it or not, I beg you at least scan through these colorful photos which I took under the clear weather and hot sun. This is probably my last post about the event before I move on.

[Lantern from Wisma Sanyan]

I love the blue blue sky which make my photos feel more presentable despite taken with an unprofessional camera. Anyhow, the colorful giant lanterns standing at Sibu Town Square phase 1 compound really made up my day! By this moment, you hardly found such beautiful scenery anymore after a strong wind blew across Sibu sky on Wednesday night. Lots of hanging lanterns were fallen and the standing one also facing some damages. So, do enjoy these photos which stay pretty forever! ;)

[Sibu Rajang Port Authority's lantern which mimic the shape of its building just couple of steps distance away from here]

[Lantern designed by JKR]

[Buah kelapa sawit's lantern from Rimbunan Hijau Group]

[Non-halal can food lantern which reflects the spirit of harmony living in Sarawak society]

[Sabah and Sarawak Shipowners Association's giant lantern]

[Sibu Municipal Council's lantern which is wrapped by colorful photos about Sibu development]

 [A close look of SMC's lantern]

[This one belongs to Sibu Hardware Importers Association]

[Sibu Chinese Association's lantern]

[Last year's main lantern also on display]

[Sibu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry's lantern]

[Designed by students from SMK Tiong Hin, Sibu]

[Designed by SMK Sacred Heart, Sibu]

[Designed by Wong Nai Siong Independent School]

[Sibu Catholic High School's design which related to spider.... (read here)]

[See the spider now?]

[Kiu's Association?]

[Sibu Kutian Association's tanglung which is the replica of the pagoda at its park at Bukit Lima, Sibu]

[Sibu Chiang Chuan's Association's dragon]

[Sibu Hakka Association's work which convey the message of recycling]

[Have you spotted the bottle of Coca-Cola?]

[Main lantern of this year's festivity - 1Malaysia's lantern which must please our lovely PM]

[Close look...]

[View of the Peacock lantern which only show its true color at night!]

So, after looking at the pics, can you predict which one will be the winner for the giant standing lantern contest? I will wait for the result instead... ;)

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  1. woooh, different "taste" of day view also, well done.


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