Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2nd Sibu Lantern Festival - Day View of the Street Lanterns

In my previous post I shared about the light-up and night view of 13,000 lanterns covering Sibu's sky at 2nd Sibu Lantern Festival held from 16th - 26th September. If you are at the scene, you would feel how tremendous that is! Although there are critics saying that the lanterns are not properly aligned, but I believe it is just the little imperfection. Overall comments are still encouraging.

[Street lanterns in front of Sibu Masland Church and Inland Revenue's building]

A friend told me that this is prettier than Singapore Orchard Road during Christmas season. Another friend come all the way from Kuching just to witness its beauty as well as taking photos on it because according to her, thousands of lanterns on the streets is something unique and attractive. I believe that this is another event that had put Sibu in the center of attention after the 516 Sibu by election despite the scale is smaller.

[Red lanterns along Island Road]

[Red lanterns with green and pink edges at Island Road]

Cut the craps, in this post I gonna share the day view of the street lanterns. Although night view is more romantic, but day view has its own attractiveness. Capturing on daylight is much easier than night as the natural lighting is sufficient especially when the sky is clear. However, exposed under the hot sun is unavoidable. Anyway, I am satisfied with the outcome. It is not pro, but is the efforts that count. Hope you like them too!

[Colorful lantern in front of Sibu Town Square]

[Sea of lantern along Jalan Bujang Suntong]

[Street lanterns from Jalan Bujang Suntong turned to Jalan Island]

[Street lanterns from Jalan Bujang Suntong turned to Jalan Island across the Corridor of Chuang]

[View from another angle..]

[Lantern view of Wisma Sanyan and RH Hotel]

[Scenery at Sibu Town Square Phase 1]

[The color of the lanterns started to fade off after few days under the hot sun]

[Lanterns in front of Lau King Howe Hospital's roundabout not aligned too well]

[Colorful lanterns at Jalan Bujang Suntong]

[Another view of lanterns at Jalan Bujang Suntong]

[Corridor of Chuang just beside the sea of tanglung]

[View of Rajang Authority Port's building under the red tanglung]

Oh ya! Today is Mid-Autumn Festival in Lunar's calendar. So, wish my blog readers Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and have a nice reunion dinner with your family!


  1. Dude, I came all the way back here from Putrajaya just to see this.

  2. wow i'm so impressed. sibu never look better than this. awesome view though christmas at orchard looks far more fascinating, sibu is not so bad either this time. two thumbs up to sibu for this grandeur celebration of the mid-autumn festival!

  3. Thanks for the compliment.. I never know how Orchard Road looks like during xmas, but Chun told me twice that this one might be prettier than that... hahahaa... Sorry if I am wrong.. Perhaps it's just a personal view... @Anita


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