Saturday, September 4, 2010

Famous Baba Chendol @ Jonker 88 Malacca

Jonker 88 is a museum cafe located at the famous Jonker Street of Malacca. This cafe is well-known of its local dessert especially the Baba Chendol which is one of the local delicacy you must try when you visit the city.

The outlet also served Baba Laksa and Nyonya Asam Laksa which I didn't try on the day as my stomach was still full with Chicken Rice Ball eaten earlier.

While you are sweating and tired of walking around the town center, this is a shop that you could pay a visit to take a rest while enjoying the cooling iced Baba Chendol. It's a fascinating experience and truly relaxing before you continue your visiting to more places.

The shop has a small entrance with a stall is placed on the left and right respectively at the entrance. It practices self-service serving method, where you order and pay for the foods at the stalls, then carry them to the table all by yourself just like what you did at KFC or McDonald.  

This cafe is called "Museum Cafe" as the owner exhibit various kind of antique as well as old photos inside the shop for the customers to see when enjoying their foods. I am truly sorry for not taking much interior look of the cafe probably because I was too tired of walking that time, so I spent most of the time enjoying the body cooling chendol while taking a good rest.

Back to the dessert, there are many variants of chendol to choose from including the durian flavor, but I went for the most original taste, which is the Baba Chendol. It is actually the combination of ice snow, red beans, the green chendol jellies with coconut milk then topped by a layer of thick and concentrated palm sugar (Gula Melaka).

It is simply yummy!! The aroma and fragrance of the thick Gula Melaka was the key to the delicacy of the dessert! RM2.00 for a bowl of Baba Chendol.

The concentrated Gula Melaka is not that easy to melt. Therefore, before you eat the dessert, make sure you properly mix everything up so that the Gula Melaka is totally melt into the mixture. Only by then you can get the total sweetness and greatest taste of the Baba Chendol!

It is definitely the best choice to quench the thirst especially during the hot days!

This is another shop in Malacca which always pack with patrons. However at the time of my visiting, I didn't see the crowd most probably because it was not on the weekend or is it just simply "lucky"?


  1. Can change this blog to travel blog liao. Next mth should got posts on travel again :)

  2. hahhaa.. I don't mind really if I am a frequent traveler, but this one is like once in many many years!!!

  3. hahahahaha... u went to the correct shop. I think because it was not the weekend. If you go there on Friday till Sunday, there will be night market and you will see chinese opera performs. Did u try the pork satay at jonker street?

  4. yeah... I heard about the night market, but we went there on weekday. As we were there just for a limited time, so didn't try the pork satay.

  5. aiyo, open another traveling blog lah, named, haha ...


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