Thursday, September 16, 2010

2nd Sibu Lantern Festival - The Light-up

Tonight is the light-up and official launching of 2nd Sibu Lantern Festival. Sibu people are quite excited about this, thus since early evening they started to flood the place.

The lighting-up was done around 7.30pm by Minister of Environment and Public Health Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh as well as other NGO leaders. Sibu's streets are too pretty under the 13,000 pieces of colorful lanterns a.k.a. tanglung's light. Standing under the sea of lanterns makes me feel like I am living in a fairytale land and  it makes you wish to spend more time there.

"Professional" photographers could be seen at any spots. Well, at least they were bringing their DSLR camera with additional flash and tripod. Not like me just with a compact camera and bare handed. I would like to apologize if the photos I shared here are bad in quality as my compact camera is hard to catch impressive photos under extreme condition such as night shots. I tried my best though. There is a photo shooting contest in conjunction of this event, anyone can try their luck!

This year's lantern fest is divided into 5 major lantern regions. The main region is where the 40 feet high and 24 feet wide giant lantern with rotating 1Malaysia logo on top, Sibu development milestone photos in the middle and Mid-Autumn Festival's pictures at the bottom was displayed. 14 rows of hanging lanterns are spread out from the top of 1Malaysia logo to form a canopy-like display to signify the unity of 13 states and Federal Territory of this country.

There are very nice Mandarin songs from various Taiwan and China artists played from the giant lantern which is kind of romantic. Do bring your other half here and I believe both of you will drown in these loudly played love songs.

Bubble are blown out from top of the giant lantern from time to time and it's kids favorite! I could see them busy chasing the bubbles here and there with big smiles. Maybe this is the most bubble they ever see in their life so far!

The 2nd lantern region is where a peacock-like lantern lighted using LEDs is placed. As it is very eyes-catchy and attracting, this spot is always flooded with people taking photographs. However, you couldn't stand too near to it as it is fenced. If you wish to take a nice and clear photo with it, you need to donate some money first before you are allowed to do so. According to organizer, these monies will go to charities.

Surrounded the giant main lantern are lanterns designed by local local corporates, local authorities, associations and schools. These lanterns are for competition purpose and formed the 3rd lantern region.

[Dragon from Sibu Chiang Chuan Association]

[Lantern of Sibu Kutian Association which mimic the pagoda at Sibu Kutian Park]

[Rajang Kiu's Association]

 [Wong Nai Siong Independent School showing the Goddess of Moon - Chang Er]

[Lantern designed by SMK Sacred Heart Sibu]

[Product of SMK Tiong Hin Sibu]

 [Sibu Catholic High School's lantern which related to spiders and according to them, spiders are insect that bring good luck in Tang's Dynasty]

[You can read the text about spiders printed by Catholic High here (if you know Chinese...)]

[Sibu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry's lantern which is a Sabah and Sarawak's map]

[Sarawak and Sabah Shipowners Association's lantern]

[Tanglung of Sibu Hardware Importers Association] 

[Lantern of Rimbunan Hijau Group which mimic the palm oil fruits]

[Giant traditional lantern design from Pelita Towerview Sdn Bhd, a Sanyan Group owned company]

[Lantern from Sibu Municipal Council with rotating pictures]

[JKR's Lantern]

[As written on the lantern itself, this is Sibu Rajang Port's lantern which is a replica of its unique building shape]

[This one non-halal! Hope won't get sue by displaying it big and clear like this.. :p]

Below is the lantern that worth some mentioning. It is the lantern designed by Sibu Hakka Association. With the shape of a swan, this lantern is made from hundreds of plastic bottles from mineral waters and also carbonated drinks.

[Lantern with swan shape which is made of plastic bottles by Sibu Hakka Association.]

Take a closer look! Aren't these plastic bottles of Coca-Cola which had been joined to become the wings of the swan?

Look at this closely! Credit to Sibu Hakka Association for their efforts. Great works!

Another lantern that I must mention about is the one shown below. If not mistaken it is belongs to Sibu Chinese Association. This is actually the main lantern from last year's fest and all these while it had been left at Sibu Gateway which is the venue for the fest. After a year exposed under sun and rain, the lantern color was seriously faded and some part of the lantern was damaged.

However, without proper repair, the lantern was brought to this year's lantern competition. You can see from the pics that the faded and damaged tanglung is really ugly and not presentable. I heard polishing had been done to the swan on top of it, but why not the lantern? I personally feel shameful and disappointed towards its presentation and imagine what outsider will comment about it? It certainly can ruin the good name of this fest.

 The 4th region is called the "Corridor of Lantern" where thousands of colorful lanterns are covering the sky from Island Road, starting in front of Sibu Masland Church, to Sibu Rejang Port building, then continued to Jalan Bujang Suntong.

[Night view of Sibu Rajang Port Authority building under the red tanglungs]

[Sky-covering lanterns at Island Road]

[A view from Sibu Town Square Phase 1 to Phase 2]

[Many road users slowing down their vehicles to see the fascinating lantern view which cause a little bit of traffic jam]

[Great view at Jalan Bujang Suntong]

The 5th region of this lantern fest is the LEDs decorated trees which reminded me of i-City KL.

It is definitely a nice event to attend with your families, friends or love one. Besides seeing the fascinating view of lanterns, there are trade fair, food fair and fun fair waiting for you at town square 2nd phase. Various programs will be held every night to make this event more happening and I believe the highlight will be on Mid-Autumn Festival night which falls on 22nd of September.

 [Entrance to trade fair, food fair and fun fair at Sibu Town Square phase 2]

[1 of 4 of the very unique structure found at Sibu Town Square Phase 1 covered with lanterns]

If you haven't visit to the festival, you still have plenty of time to do so as the event will be held until 26th of September.


  1. Thanks... yours even clearer,sharper and nicer! @Sparkish

    Yes, it is beautiful... kids must be love it a lot... I guess it can compete with the beauty of Dong Chang Si temple's lantern display during CNY... maybe both have their own attraction... @Grace

  2. haiyo, cannot compare like that mah, different type of camera lah, your are quite nice enough. One day one dollar lah ~~~~ hahahaha ...

  3. Too bad you are not here... if not you can also demo your photography skills! @Cham


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