Thursday, September 2, 2010

Delicious Chicken Rice Ball @ Chop Chung Wah Malacca

Chicken rice ball is one of the unique local delicacy in Malacca which is labeled as "must try" when you visit to the historical city. It is basically the famous Hainanese chicken rice, but the rice is served in round/ball shape which make it unique and different from the normal chicken rice.

You can easily find this food in Malacca as it is a symbolic delicacy for the city. Just walk along Jonker Street or area nearby, you will find many eateries serving this. However, to get the most authentic and original taste of Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball, I went for this one - Chop Chung Wah / Kedai Kopi Chung Wah.

This shop is not so easily spotted as its signboard is hanging high and not obvious. There are neither fancy decoration nor colorful banners and advertisement inside or outside the shop to promote their food. All you can see is just an old coffee shop with a single entrance and a chicken rice stall just beside the small entrance. I never knew this was the place until a local Indian man told us so.

However, it is not so hard to find the shop as it is located at a very strategic location. If you are at the "Red House", just cross the road heading to Sungai Melaka, walk across Tan Kim Seng Bridge and the shop is just in front of you (on the right).

The small shop is always full with patrons during lunch hours. If you go on that time, you gonna wait in a long queue under the hot sun to get a table. Therefore, we took our lunch a bit earlier that day around 11 something to avoid from queuing.

After ordering, the foods reached our table just within few short minutes. It's lighting fast to cope with large patrons craving for the food everyday I guess! Each serving have 5 chicken rice balls on the plate and the chicken were shared on a bigger plate.

The rice balls are glutinous and solid, therefore they are not easily fall apart while you biting them. The taste of the rice explains everything - why an ordinary old shop, without luxury interior design, without banners to advertise the food, without Astro AEC host Ah Hien portrait standing outside the shop and without an eyes-catchy signboard but could attract so many patrons willing to queue and wait under the hot sun just for their chicken rice!

The taste is certainly fantastic! The most delicious chicken rice I ever try! The fragrance and the aroma of the chicken rice balls are definitely unbeatable and you just can't help yourself from craving for more!

The chicken is smooth, juicy and tender. Don't forget to add some free flow chili sauce to the chicken which definitely will please your olfactory system to the highest!

The only problem with the shop is sometimes you may get unfriendly treatment. Well, who care? If you feel bad, you can just leave! There are still plenty of customers queuing for the food and their business is guarantee!

The shop will only operate till 3pm because by then or even earlier than that all their chickens and rice will be sold out.


  1. Me kena conned last time as been told by Teo as i went to the wrong shop and famous with cut throat prices. Since that day i don't eat chicken rice ball. Did you try the satay celup?

  2. hahaa... pity Chamb... but this shop the price is quite reasonable... you shd try out next time!

    Too bad didn't try satay celup because it only available in evening time... we didn't stay until evening, so no chance to try... ;)

  3. shit, read this post while I am hungry ... stupid lah, hahaha ...

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