Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sibu Tua Pek Kong Day Procession

It was a big day for Sibu yesterday where a local festival called "Tua Pek Kong Day" was held here. This is the 2nd time the town celebrate this event. A street procession had been held at night time as a way of celebration.

This year the procession is a big one with total of 120 teams taking part in the event. As coincidentally this event was held within Sibu by-election period, Sibu people had been told that Prime Minister would be joining the procession. 

That's why, as early as 6pm, people started to swarm onto the street as they were pretty excited to meet their 1 Malaysia Prime Minister who was going to take part in the procession. For Sibu people, the Premier taking part in their local events means a lot to them!

After a long wait, around 8pm, siren of police traffic could be heard signaling the arrival of the Premier. Another half an hour waiting, the procession started officially. Most people predicted PM would be leading the procession with the organizing committees and some other VIPs.

However, his shadow couldn't be seen when the procession leaders' team passed by. Those leading were the "left-over" VIPs of SUPP and organizing committees. I could feel the disappointment of some Sibu people when they started questioning about the sincerity of the Premier participating in this event. The feeling for being cheated wasn't taste good in heart.

Anyway, Sibu people got some condolences when DAP symbolic leaders Lim Kit Siang was joining the procession with his fellow comrades as well as Sibu by-election candidate Wong Ho Lien. Lim was friendly enough to greet and shake hand with people along the procession path. At least, Sibu people felt honored and touched with this!

Back to the procession, it was an eventful night, yet I think next time the organizing committee should coordinate the gap between each team so that there will be more continuity among the team during the march and not end up with a lot of waiting and time wasting.

It took about 2 hours to watch all the 120 teams marching pass. I couldn't explain in more detail about the entire event, so I will leave you with the photos and some video and I believe they will explain the thousand word. Enjoy!


  1. haha, you got many video recently in post...

  2. Yes... tried once and found it is not so hard to upload to youtube, provided that - file size not too big (that's why I kept my videos short), but short videos are not that interesting...

    Anyway, need to take quite long time to upload a 30 mins video! :(


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