Friday, May 7, 2010

Sarawak Cub Prix 2010 Sibu Series - Behind The Scene

Nothing much to elaborate here. If you wish to know more about Sarawak Cub Prix 2010 Sibu Series, please take a look at my previous post Sarawak Cub Prix 2010 Sibu Series.

This post is basically just to share more photos on this event, just in case some of you who are interested in this event but somehow missed it on the day. However, most of the photos are not racing related. They are more on the happenings around the track which sometimes people are not aware of. Hope you enjoy them!

[One of the motobike team in booth]

[N.B. Motors sponsored Daiichi racing team]

[Faito Boon Kui Racing Team who performed quite well in the race]

[WMCC Racing Team in their booth]

[Fire Fighter and rescue team always standby for any emergency]

[Marshall co-operate in moving away the damaged motorcycles after a race]

[The track was a bit slippery after the heavy rain, so the marshalls were trying hard to make sure the track is safe for the next race]

[An officer even sprayed fire extinguisher on the track to make the track dryer and less slippery]

[Warm up lap]

[Race is going to start very soon... is time to start your engine!]

[The excitement of the race!]

[Finishing point]

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