Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sarawak Cub Prix 2010 Sibu Series

Sarawak Cub Prix 2010 Sibu Series is not the first of its kind held in the town of Sibu. The same race had been held here a year ago but somehow I missed it as I was having working attachment in KL last year.

This year I promised myself not to miss it anymore. I had been watching Cub Prix races on tv all these while, but I never have chance to experience the excitement with my own eyes. I knew this is the best chance to do so.

The race was held near Sibu town center. Its circuit includes Jalan Bujang Suntong (Lau King Howe Hospital to Kampung Datuk traffic light), Sibu Town Square car park and Jalan Pulau (Sibu Rejang Port). The organizer claimed it as the first and the only city centre track in Malaysia! Wow! that really sounds great but I am not sure how true is that.

The race had attract a lot of spectators as it was held on weekend + Labour Day holiday (1st - 2nd May). I heard the organizer had much improve the safety level if compare to last year by put up the proper fencing around the track.

Some of the racers taking part in this event still pretty amateur. Why I said so? Well, some still need to put down their leg for balancing when doing cornering. Accidents did happen but nothing serious.

A motor racing won't be perfect if we are not talking about the race queen. Yeah! You can find some race queens in Sibu series! Too bad I couldn't go closer to shoot on them. Only those with big camera or have special name tags would have the privilege to do so!

However, for Just Sharing readers, I practiced my paparazzi skill by zooming my camera to the fullest (3x optical zoom only) hoped to get the best shot of these race queens (or should I call them umbrella girls) from far! These are the best I can get! I know they are not too convincing, but believe me, if I have the pass, perhaps you are now drooling or nose bleeding in front of your pc!! ^ ^

It was a nice experience watching the motor racing live with the heart-beating speed and motor engine sound! I think it'll be here again next year and I am looking forward to it! I leave you with more photos of this race and also a short video I shot with my camera. Hope you like it.


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