Thursday, April 22, 2010

My D-Link DFE-528TX Network Card

Nothing fancy to show off here. Just would like to share a network interface card (NIC) I bought recently a D-Link DFE-528TX 10/100 Fast Ethernet Desktop PCI Adapter.

Here are some crap about the card (I got it from D-Link website):
  • 10/100Mbps auto-sensing with single shielded RJ-45
  • 2-bit PCI Bus Master operation
  • Full/half duplex support
  • Low network command processing overhead
  • Runs Win95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, NetWare, Unix
  • Easy-to-view diagnostic LEDs
    I had been facing some problems with my pc recently including blue screen of death once in a while (but not frequent), Windows XP hung at loading when restart PC, lagging problem and error while pinging. Coincidently, these problems occured when I was having network connection problem.

    Thus I suspected that it might be caused by my onboard network chip. Foreseen that a NIC is not that expensive, I decided to buy one to have a try.

    The reasons I bought D-Link DFE-528TX and not other model are:
    1) Not sure what brand of NIC is better, other brands to choose from - Zyxel, Tecom.
    2) D-Link is one of the market leader in low end end users' network products.
    3) D-Link brand is well-known for its "quality" network products (Quality or not much depend on the description of different users).
    3) The salesgirl gave me this card after I told her I am looking for a network card.

    The NIC had been installed into my PC with the on board one had been disabled. After trying for few days... well... I would say not much help.
    1) PC still lag in some extend
    2) Blue screen not yet be seen (Touch wood!! Hope it won't be seen!!)
    3) Pinging error - network so far still ok so didn't actually ping
    4) Windows hang at loading page - errr.. if not mistaken it did hang once after I change to the new NIC!

    Oh ya! It is made in China!


    1. I feel the NIC become smaller nowadays.

    2. Yeah... smaller and not put in a box... put in this plastic stuff.. not earth friendly!


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