Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ministry of Home Affairs Exhibition @ Sibu Gateway

It is a very eventful week in Sibu especially when the pooling day of Sibu by-election is approaching. There were a lot of events been held here and there, most of them were organized by Putrajaya ministries.

This morning I went to an exhibition organized by Ministry of Home Affairs. This event had been officially opened by the minister Dato' Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussien yesterday at Sibu Gateway.

Agencies under the ministry taking part in the exhibition and there were some programs going on for each booth of the respective agencies. Among the agencies taking part are Polis Diraja Malaysia, Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia, Jabatan Penjara Malaysia, Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia and etc.

One of the booth that attracted my attention was the booth that belongs to Malaysia Civil Defence Department. A King Cobra with 17 feet long was displayed here to the public. Besides that, few pythons and different kind of small snakes also be shown.

I also visited the booth of Malaysia Royal Police. Here I registered myself as "Rakan Cop Polis Sarawak" which I wished to do for quite some time but there was no proper channel for me to do it. By register as a member, you can make police report or keep contact with police by just sending SMS if you find any crime on scene. I am not sure how effective is there service, but at least I felt more secure been a member.

The registration process was simple. Fill a simple form regarding your personal information, send a SMS and get your membership number which will cost your RM1.00 for the SMS and that's about it.

Upon registration, I had been given some souvenirs including 2 car glass stickers and the thing I like most is the Rakan Cop laser pen/laser pointer! Not too bad right? The program will be ended today.


  1. wah, become mata friend already.
    laser pen to cheat bad ppl tat u got pistol pointing them is it?

  2. thought of joining long time ago but no proper channel... but then not sure how effective the system is.. just register nia...

    wah! PS! you watch too much movie liao...

  3. no bad mah, i like that laser pen, next time use it to point our JIJI, HAHAHAHA ...


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