Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sri Aman Char Kueh @ Sibu

I blogged about Sri Aman Char Kueh some ages ago, which is a "must try" if you happen to visit to the town of peace. Trust me, that Char Kueh is the best you can find in this state!

I am craving for it every time I visit to Sri Aman. But you know what? The good news is that now you no need to drive 3.5 hrs from Sibu all the way to Sri Aman to taste the food, but you can now have it in Sibu itself!!

Since 01/05/2012, the stall selling authentic Sri Aman Teo Chew style fried rice cake had started its business at Medan Mall area's Taste Food Courts! It's easy to spot the place, just between Courts Mammoth and Seng Hen shoplots!

Outside the stall you can see a big banner showcasing "Sri Aman Char Kueh", both sweet version and salt version. So, guess it's very easy to find it.

I had give it a try to see if the taste is authentic enough compare to the original serving at Sri Aman. What I found out is, this stall served a very decent Sri Aman style of Char Kueh which taste 90% like the original one! I just went for the sweet version.

The cook very generous in adding the eggs but I personally feel he should put in more dried radish (Chai po) which can make the entire dish more chewy and delicious. These 2 ingredients are vital to produce a nice plate of Char Kueh.

The cook running the stall is actually a young man origin from Sri Aman who come all the way to Sibu to run the business. As Sibu is a town dominated by Foochow clan, so this type of Teo Chew delicacy is hardly found here. Therefore, the business has high potential if it can caught the taste buds of Siburians.

After a brief interview with him, I had been acknowledged that he is actually the nephew of the Char Kueh stall owner near market area of Sri Aman which I used to go! His father also operates another Char Kueh stall at Srijaya area in Sri Aman. They had run the business for decades!

So, I believe he had inherit and if not inherit, then should have managed to learn some of the secrets in frying a nice plate of authentic Teo Chew style Char Kueh from his elders before came here for the business.

A plate of Char Kueh priced at RM3.00 but you can request for additional eggs for extra RM1.00. The serving portion is not that big, so for big eaters, it's not a good choice to order it as main course but ideal as side orders. It is best to eat as snack or supper.

Honestly, in my personal opinion, I still prefer the original Char Kueh sold at Sri Aman. I think the experience make difference here even though the taste is near to identical. However, the Sibu stall is good enough to heal my miss towards the authentic Char Kueh from Sri Aman and therefore I highly recommend it!

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