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Sibu International Dance Festival 2012 - Pansar Fiesta Night

Attended Sibu International Dance Festival (SIDF) 2012 organized by Hornland Dance Theatre in association with Sibu Municipal Council last night. Some how I got a free ticket to the event. Last night the event was given a name "Pansar Fiesta Night" as it was sponsored by Pansar Group, a local corporate.

I felt hesitate to go when I first get the ticket since I am a total layman when talking about dancing. But foreseen that it was a big event and the ticket actually worth at least RM20 (on donation basis), I decided not to waste it and gave it a try.
For your information, Hornland Dance Theatre is a local owned dancing group who promotes the arts of dance and conducts dancing classes in the region.
Proven my decision is not wrong when the show started on time - 7.30pm sharp and there was no political talks or whatsoever speech at all! What I did was go to the venue on time, sit back, relax and enjoy the continuous dancing performance from start till the end of the show! No time-wasting interval at all except a short 15 minutes' break in between. That's great!

A total of 12 dance groups are taking part in the 3 days dance performance, 4 are local groups, 2 from Peninsular Malaysia and others are invited from foreign countries including Indonesia(1), Singapore(3) and Taiwan(2).

Only 10 groups were performing last night with total of 13 varieties of dances been performed. Etnik Revolution from Sibu opened the night with their dance titled "Kanjet Ngeleput" or Blowpipe Dance, a traditional Orang Ulu dance showcasing a Sape player playing the music and another showing off his blowpipe skills! Some audience were startled by the sudden roars of the Orang Ulu warrior, yet entertained by his pipe-blowing skill which broke the balloons from distance! What a nice and impressive dance to start off the show full of the colors of Borneo!

Other dance performances are as follow:
- The Clouds Chasing the Moon 云追月 by Foon Yew High School Dance Society, Johor 柔佛新山宽柔中学舞蹈团
- Odissi by Temple of Fine Arts of Kuala Lumpur
- The Teahouse Server 茶倌 by Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Dance Troupe 新加坡福建会馆舞蹈团
- Anjatha Sculptures- The Dancing Apsaras by Mayan Dance Theatre, Singapore
- Jepin Sibu by Sri Swangsa, Sibu
- The sounds of the Forest 山林 by Foon Yew High School Dance Society, Johor

- The Desert Flame 大漠风采 by XueJing Youth Dance Troupe, Taiwan 台北雪璟青少年舞蹈团
- Dhol Bhaje Folk Dance by Temple of Fine Arts of Kuala Lumpur
- Kilir - Dian Dancers, Singapore
- Whispers of Rain 荷塘。欢歌 - Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Dance Troupe
- Srimpi Guitar (welcome dance) by Kusuma Budaya Dance Theatre, Java Indonesia

- Our Land 原乡风情 by XueJing Youth Dance Troupe, Taiwan

[XueJing Youth Dance Troupe from Taiwan]

As I mentioned earlier, I am a layman as far as dancing is concern. However, I could feel the efforts of everyone, especially the dancers who had performed to their very best, with each movement they did are that neat, accurate, energetic and filled with beauty! In addition to that, the lighting, the colorful costume wore by the performers, the clear music and sounds effects had added up to give the highest visual pleasure I ever experience so far for a stage performance! Big claps to all the performers as well as those hidden behind the stage!

I just knew that SIDF had actually hire a professional lighting designer from Kuala Lumpur just to make sure the performers have the most suitable performing environment. No wonder the lighting last night was so impressive! Well done SIDF!

No photography or video shooting is allowed on the event except those authorized. Therefore I just managed to snap some group photos after the end of the show.

[Foon Yew High School Dance Society of Johor]

As a conclusion, it is a very great and entertaining event to attend and looking forward to have another chance in the coming years!

[Sri Swangsa Sibu]

[Singapore's troupe]

 [Photo taking with VIP]

[Nice entrance design]

Note: The collage photos are taken from Hornland Dance Theatre Facebook fan page. Visit the page to view more photos on this event.


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