Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sibu International Dance Festival 2012 - The Special Outdoor Show

Sibu International Dance Festival 2012 had finally come to an end after the final show on 25th August 2012 near Sibu Heritage Center.

Unlike the previous 3-night performances at Sibu Civic Center, the final night was held at outdoor and it was opened to the public! The show was again sponsored by Pansar Berhad as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities program.

Total of 10 dances were performed on the night, with 2 performance each by the host - Hornland Dance Theatre's dance troupe, Foon Yew High School Dance Society of Johor,  Kusuma Budaya Dance Theatre of Java, Indonesia and also Taiwan XueJing Youth Dance Troupe respectively, while Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Dance Troupe and Sibu Martial Arts performed a dance each.

The uniquely designed Sibu Heritage Center tunnel style's entrance had been converted to be the performance stage of the night. With the special lighting, the temporary stage look so gorgeous, yet the slope as well as the shape of the platform which is wide to narrow had caused certain level of challenge to the performers (I believe).

Despite the imperfectness of the stage, the dancers had performed once again to the best they could to entertain the crowds who came all the way to witness this great event! I believe the spectators had really enjoy the show. This was proven when once rain was falling from the sky, but the spectators seem oblivious to it. When the rain getting bigger, some just tried to get a shelter and continue watching from a further distance instead of leaving the place.

One good thing about the open air concept's performance is that it was more informal, thus photography was allowed throughout the show! I shouldn't feel that "high" actually since the compact camera I carried is not an ideal device to capture photo in such extreme environment, - dark surrounding and moving objects. Yes! I was aware of that! But I still tried my best to snap some just to see if I could add something nice into my photo collection and share with my blog readers!! These photos shared here are specially selected among the many many shot!

After the completion of a energetic and relaxing dance named "Our Land" performed by XueJing Youth Dance Troupe from Taiwan showcasing the happy and relaxing life of Taiwanese native, it denoted the official ending of the 2012 Sibu International Dance Festival!

What a great event and I am looking forward for the next one in the near future!

What a colorful post as well! I like it a lot!!

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