Sunday, July 29, 2012

Delicious Roasted Kaya Bread @ Golden Cafe, Sri Aman

Sri Aman, a small town which is blessed with Benak or tidal bore, a natural phenomenon that can only be seen in very limited spots throughout the world.

Talking about the foods of specialty at the "Town of Peace", besides the Cha Kueh and Satay Mee which I reviewed in my previous posts quite some times ago, recently I found out another recommendation! I couldn't use the term "special" in this case when you can actually find it easily at any kopitiam you choose to sit down.

I believe you will definitely agree with me when I told you the food I gonna recommend this time is roasted bread toast! Ya, isn't I had told you that nothing special? However, what impressed me on this normal look roasted toast is the kaya fillings! It has a very strong eggs aroma which brought me back my childhood memory on the long lost kaya taste! You hardly find the kaya with such nostalgic feel nowadays, trust me!

The kaya used is not bought from the market, but it is home cooked by the owner of the coffee shop. One roasted kaya bread will only cost RM 1 which is very affordable and it is best to go with a cup of coffee!

So, next time if you happen to stop by at Sri Aman for any reason, do try this out! This toasted kaya bread is served at Golden Cafe, just below Mega Inn at Jalan Durian, Sri Aman which is not hard to be spotted!

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