Thursday, January 6, 2011

Satay Mee @ Sri Aman

Years ago I introduced to you about Cha Kway, one of the very few local delicacy you can find in the town of Sri Aman. Recently I found another one which I believe worth to mention about. The food itself is quite common actually, but what make this food in a way special and unique is the gravy serving with it. The local Chinese called it "Satay Mee", i.e. noodles in satay sauce.

So, basically it is fried yellow noodles in Foochow style (stir fried noodles topping with gravy), but they made some modification to the gravy by adding peanuts into the cooking. This method gave the food with very nice peanuts aroma just like the taste of satay sauce (if you know how satay sauce taste like). That's where the name of the food came from.

You can opted the yellow noodles with Kway Teow, depends on individual preference, but for me they tasted equally nice! Sorry I didn't really note down the exact shops to eat these, but the noodles in the photo was taken at one of the stall at top floor of market building and the Kway Teow was at another coffee shop opposite the riverside. I shall be more detail next time!

Anyway, it is definitely a food that worth a try when you are in the small town of Sri Aman. So far I only found such cooking variation in this town, but feel free to argue if you have try it at another part of the state. One plate of the food is about RM3.50 - RM4.00, not that cheap actually if the living standard is taken into consideration.


  1. actually I am deep like the satay sauce, the peanut taste, Sibu dont have this kind of mee, right ?! next time you bring me there, hahaha ...

  2. wen, you make me soooooooooooo hungry leh... hehe..

  3. wong, at taman Muhibah got Mee satay. The one selling satay one.


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