Friday, December 31, 2010

Taman Panorama Benak @ Sri Aman, Sarawak

Sri Aman - a small town and also the 2nd administrative division of Sarawak which I left part of my childhood there. I have a very special love towards the town, but I would leave that for another day's story. Although it is called the 2nd administrative division after Kuching, but this small town is pretty under-developed for some political reason perhaps. No! I know what you are thinking! But the fact is that all these while Sri Aman was lead under a BN-based party! Then why it was left behind in term of infrastructure development? I believe this is something we should seriously ponder about!

Anyhow, this small town is blessed and been awarded with tidal bore phenomenon on its Batang Lupar river which is known as "Benak" locally. This natural phenomenon is hardly found in other part of the country hence it became an important tourism asset to the town. A festive called "Pesta Benak" (Tidal bore festival) has became a major annual event which had attracted plenty of tourists visiting the town during the festive season.

Following the overwhelmed response from the public, recently a special platform to view the natural phenomenon had been built on the river bank of Batang Lupar which is called "Taman Panorama Benak". This is one of the very rare infrastructure development you can see in Sri Aman town in the recent decade.

Anyway, this artistic looking park is a nice add-on in beautifying the town and it has further strengthen Sri Aman's position as "The town of Benak" in Sarawak.

[Kubu Alice or Alice Fort is on top of the hill]

Taman Panorama Benak is located opposite Sri Aman Resident Office or beside/under Alice Fort near the town center. Its strategic location at a higher ground has make it an ideal platform to view the Benak phenomenon with more lengthy distance.

If you happen to visit the "peaceful town" of Sri Aman, don't forget to stop by at this Taman Panorama Benak and if you are at the correct timing, you may witness what the Benak is all about!


  1. waohhh, nice photo effect, haha ... different feel ...

  2. Perhaps should have a visit to this little peaceful town next time.

  3. Just some auto effect... I'm not that good in creating effects...

    PS, you may just need 15 mins to see the entire town... ;p

  4. Wen... Nice photos... U no need DSLR to have great photos liao. Hope I can learn from you. :)

  5. Kawan... itu fotoshop punya kerja la... hahahah!


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