Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Tree Decoration Contest 2010 @ Sibu Town Square

Christmas is just around the corner. As usual this is the time Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) organized its annual event - the Christmas Tree Decoration Contest 2010 in conjunction with this festival.

This is the 4th consecutive year the same kind of competition been held in front of Sibu Town Square Phase 1. Total of 12 participants taking part in the event, but this year saw a bit diffrence where the participants were from Non-government organizations (NGOs) instead of government bodies and local corporates in the previous years.

These NGOs include Lion Clubs from different division which form the majority, Junior Chamber International (JCIs), and Mdm. Loi's English Classroom, which is one of the local English tuition center.

Among the entries, the one caught my attention most is the artwork produced by JCI Mandarin Sibu which titled "The Eucharist - Sibu Kampua Mee". Yes! The design of the Christmas tree was to resemble one of the most iconic local delicacy for Sibu that is the Kampua noodles. I don't know how the person came out with this idea relates "the noodles" with "the Christmas tree", but I guess this is where creativity plays its part.

Another Christmas tree which I found more appealing was the one by Mdm. Loi's English Classroom. The puzzle-like Xmas tree was form by a series of alphabetic characters where some meaningful wordings/phrases were hidden inside them. These wordings/phrases were then been highlighted with various color, just like a huge "find-the-word" puzzle game. The Xmas tree was further decorated with few reindeer and 2 big hairy camels. I believe this is the most favorite Xmas tree especially to the kids!

For the "most recycled Christmas Tree", it is a co-winning. The Christmas tree by JCI Seduan was entirely built using mineral water's bottles, whereas Lions Club of Seduan built theirs using Henieken beer's cans. The former looks nicer at night under the LED lighting while the latter more presentable during day light.

The most artistic and elegance Christmas tree in my opinion would go to JCI Sibu. Made using dry sticks with brownish tones, their Christmas tree was decorated with "flowers" made by plastic bottles sprayed in striking blue color tones. These "flowers" were outstanding and eye-catchy from far. The heart-shape pinky wish cards hung on the Christmas tree gave additional color to it and I personally like and feel comfortable on the combination of color used.

Other products were just average. Anyway congratulation and well done on their hard works! They deserved some applause for this!

[Lions Club of Sungai Merah]

[Lions Club of Sibu Central]

[Lions Club of Sibu Pahlawan]

[Lions Club of Sibu Jaya]

[Lions Club of Sibu Berjaya]

[Lions Club of Sibu Mandarin]

[Lions Club of Sibu City]

For more photo, please visit Just Sharing photo album @ Facebook.

Here are how the Xmas trees are judged:

Creativity: 30%
Aesthetics: 40% (20% for day and night view respectively)
'Wow' factor (first impression): 10% 
Durability and sustainability: 20%

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