Sunday, March 20, 2011

100Plus Go Kart Race Carnival @ Sibu Gateway

This is a carnival event organized by 100 Plus at Sibu Gateway from 18 - 19 March 2011. However, I believe the organizer had extended the program for one more day as the event was still on the move this morning when I passed by the place.

The carnival is called "Thirst For Adrenaline Only at 100Plus Go Kart Race". The main program is the mini go cart race where the participants will try to come out with the best lap time. The 3 fastest participants will win some special prizes. The important thing is - the participation is totally FREE! So, anyone can try their luck!

Besides the main go karting program, there were also other activities and games for general public to participate on. One of them is cart racing simulator which was flooded with people most of the time especially by kiddies.

The Velcro Gym is naughty kids' favorite where they can "stick-on-the-wall" with a special costume or jump as they like on the air filled platform.

Water Tag is another fun game where players will shoot the water-fill gun to the special made target for some purposes which I am unclear of.

The participants of the Go Kart will get a chance to pose in front of a Go Kart car with 2 show girls accompanied.

2 giant 100Plus mock can drinks could be seen from far to attract more attention and crowds to the event.

Too bad for some reason I didn't take part in any of these events. Just went there to do some observation and shot some photos to be shared in the blog where I had left for months without doing any updates.


  1. did u try to play on the go cart?

  2. too bad I am not... many people queuing there..


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