Monday, April 11, 2011

Helicopter Crashed @ Sibu Town Square!

A helicopter was crashed at Sibu town square this afternoon around 1.50pm. This helicopter believed to be carrying Deputy Prime Minister's entourage from Bintangor to Sibu for election campaign events. 

Deputy Prime Minister himself was not on this chopper. Heard that he just disembarked from an earlier chopper and on his way to RH Hotel for a meeting with school teachers. There were 3 helicopters landed at that time carrying DPM and his entourage.

The crashed helicopter was the last to take off heading back to Sibu Airport for parking and somehow it crashed back to the ground. There were nobody in the helicopter at that time except the pilot. Heard the pilot was quite severely injured and was brought to Sibu General Hospital with ambulance. 

I took these photos around 6pm after I went back from work. At that time, the damaged helicopter body was still lying on the center of Sibu Town Square. It attracted quite a number of Sibu people to purposely go to the crash scene to shoot some photos for remembrance. After all this kind of accident is rarely seen especially in the center of town!

Policemen were there the seal the place and public are not allowed to go too near to the crashed scene.

Around 6.15pm, some authorities were seen started to cover the crashed chopper.

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  1. Too bad it wasn't the "white rajah" or his cronies or even the Najis and his deputy in it. Or else, we would have one hell of a celebration.


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