Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meet the Jumpers @ Sibu BASE Jump 2010

Sibu BASE Jump is back again!! This is the 2nd time Sibu organized the heart-beating X-game event at Sarawak tallest building, Wisma Sanyan following the good respond from the participants as well as the public last year.

This year, there are total of 10 BASE jumpers participate in the event, with 5 of them are Malaysian and another 5 are foreigners (Enlighten me if I am wrong). Among these jumpers, there is one still appear to be quite familiar to me!! I knew he'll be back!

Yeah! He's the world record holder for the most BASE jump made at KL Tower BASE jump 2005 (I believe he is still the holder), Gary Cunningham from Australia! He's one of the jumper that leave a message in this blog last year saying that he truly enjoy the event and hospitality here and he's looking forward to come back the next year! [Read Sibu BASE Jump 2009 - The Jumpers Story]

I strongly believe that a person with so much of passion and discipline in the BASE jumping sport will not simply say this for fun. See, it's proven that he didn't! He is back in Sibu! Welcome back, Gary!!

When I saw a jumper made a jump from the rooftop of Wisma Sanyan opened a light blue color parachute with the word "NESS" printed on it, I knew that must be Gary! [Read Sibu BASE Jump 2009 @ Wisma Sanyan] I just can't mistaken him with his very unique white helmet (while other jumpers mostly wear dark color helmet) which appears to be fit his head so much but not his nose as Gary has a very sharply pointed nose! ^ ^ (Hope you don't mind I describe in this way as Asian usually very admire westerners with their sharp noses...)

[Gary Cunningham with his white helmet just touched down at Sibu Town Square]

When I saw Gary touched down on Sibu town square, I approached him and called him out "Gary!!". I never expect he'll recognize who I am as I seldom put my face on my blog and yeah... he just noticed somebody called his name, that's all. I tried to shoot some photos on this familiar face and nice to meet you back Gary!

[Gary Cunningham]

For your information, just in case you dunno... Gary has 3 set of parachutes! That's why he could make more jumps than other jumpers. But I believe it's not the quantity that count, it's his passion and interest in this sport that makes him the record holder!

Beside Gary, I also had chance to approach another jumper which introduced himself as Lucky! Lucky is an Australian as well. He looks young and just 26-year of age and had been involve in BASE jumping for 4 years, mostly in Australia, Asia and Spain regions. He's a very friendly, cute and naughty jumper who has thousands pose in front of camera!! Photos below prove this.

[The naughty pose from Lucky]

[His full name is Lucky Chance, a very special name]

When I asked Lucky how he finds about Sibu, he said this is the mostly friendly town he ever been to in Asia! Thanks for that compliment Lucky! (By the way, I'm the guy that intro myself as Owen).

I also met another Australia BASE jumper who called himself as Tim. Welcome to Sibu Tim!

[Tim in action]

[Timothy Deshon]

The highlight of the day was Gary and Lucky made a concurrent jump from the top spot of Wisma Sanyan. It's actually a bit risky but from their expression, I could see they really enjoy the excitement of doing so! What a great jump!!

Action of other jumpers...

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