Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fatty Loh Chicken Rice @ Fettes Park Penang

It was lunch time! We were scratching our head what to eat for lunch in Penang as we had too much options to choose from. Before we came out with any conclusion, our "tour guide" was kind enough to suggest us this eatery at Fettes Park, Penang - Fatty Loh Chicken Rice.

Our "tour guide" told us this chicken rice's shop had been doing the business for decades and it is one of the popular place to eat Hainanese chicken rice in Penang. Although chicken rice doesn't sound so attracting to us especially when we are talking about "Penang local delicacies", but at the same time we couldn't make up our mind what and where to eat, so we just go ahead with our tour guide's suggestion!

Just before the entrance to the eatery, you could found this very cute chef sculpture with round stomach standing tall beside the little staircase lead to the shop. Before you get your seats in the shop which is aircond-ed, you must first place your order outside the shop just after you climb the little steeled staircase.

After we placed the order, found our fengshui table and observed the surrounding, we just realized that this is not just "another-chicken-rice-shop"! This shop had gain some reputation when they won the title "Guang Ming King of Hainan Chicken Rice" in a Hainan chicken rice cooking competition organized by Guang Ming Daily.

They had also been awarded as Malaysia Top 10 Hainan Chicken Rice in "Malaysia King of Hainan Chicken Rice" competition co-organized by Guang Ming Daily and local tv channel NTV7.

We had not been waiting for long before the foods were served on our tables. We ordered roasted chicken for 3, roasted pork and a plate of taugeh cooked with oyster source.

The roasted chicken was smooth, juicy and tender which I believe is the most fundamental requirement in preparing a good chicken rice. The thinned sauce topping the chicken is nice eating with the rice.

The roasted pork was delicious as well whereas the taugeh just normal, nothing that special to elaborate about. Now come to the rice itself, I personally felt that the chicken rice was lack of some flagrance to please my taste buds. If compare to the chicken rice balls I ate at Malacca not too long ago, the delicacy level of this chicken rice is still far behind. Anyway, this is my personal opinion as how delicious is a food is something very subjective depends on individual. 

One thing I would like to mention is the price here is pretty reasonable. With this much of foods we ordered for 3pax, the bill came out with just around RM26. The price was relatively cheap as the portion of the foods served were quite big.

If you wish to taste North-Malaysia champion's Hainan chicken rice, here is the address:
21, Jalan Fettes, Fettes Park, 11200 Penang.

Business Hours: Mon-Sun 9.30am-4.30pm

After filling our stomach, we continued our journey to the next tourism destination of Penang - Penang Butterfly Farm! See you there!


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