Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram @ Penang

After we left Penang Botanic Gardens, our next stop was Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram (or Wat Chayamangkalaram) which is a Thai Buddhist temple located at Lorong Burmah, Pulau Tikus. This is another destination you could never miss when you're in Penang Island.

We reached the place around 9am which is consider still "early". Therefore there were still not many visitors around, we were the few early birdies. I think this is good... as we spent our time shooting photos around without much interference! ;)

In front of the main meditation hall are some kind of giant Thai mythical creatures as well as dragon serpents guarding the entrance. According to myth or maybe is a legend, these serpents are the link between heaven and earth.

Besides its lavishly colored appearance and unique Thai architecture, the main attraction of this temple is it houses said to be 3rd largest Reclining Buddha statue in the world! Yeah, the statue is just inside the main meditation hall. Before you go in, don't forget to remove your footwear! 

This gold-plated Reclining Buddha is measured 33 meters or 108 feet in length. In front of it are smaller shrines of Buddha and other Thai deities.

You can also find and read a series of gold-painted 3D images portraying the story of Gautama Buddha around the giant Reclining Buddha. Behind the impressive statue are niches with urns containing ashes of devotees.

Actually we had been told by our "tour guide" that visitors are not allow to take photo inside the main meditation hall houses the Reclining Buddha, but somehow nobody stop us from doing so although at that time there were temple staffs around. Heard that the temple staffs won't stop you from taking photos, it is the person that doing the photography business that set the rules! How true is this? Enlighten me if you know! ^ ^

We had a good time visiting to Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram where there were so many to see and so many to shoot and our next destination would be the Burmese Buddhist Temple just opposite of it!


  1. Last time I also been told that cannot shoot photo for reclining buddha. Perhaps this time we visit it earlier, those staffs still lazy to stop us from shooting photo?

  2. I still believe is those doing photography business inside the hall not allow people to do so... actually not only us lucky.. you can see lots of blogs have the photo of the reclining Buddha you know... maybe we really got "yuan" with Him! ;)

  3. ermmm... usually it depends. U guess what, the KLCC park u cannot take photo simply like that. Need to isi borang 1st. This is what i read from Photo Malaysia Forum. But i think, now the rules a bit loose. Certain place there not allowed camera but hp camera can. hahahhahaha


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