Thursday, March 10, 2016

5th Mural - 70's Sibu Bus Station & The Green-White Bus

The 5th mural commissioned by Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) has been drawn on the wall at an alleyway at Blacksmith Road during December last year and this time it is titled an old-school bus.

Some may wonder the significance of an old-school bus at such venue? Those knew the history of Sibu should know the reason.

[Photo taken from the Internet showing the current Butterfly Garden which was the venue of Sibu bus station in 70s]

The green-white old school bus has significant meaning at this area as the current "Butterfly Garden" which is linked to Blacksmith Road through this alleyway was once the venue of Sibu bus station during 70s. At that time, these type of buses were one of the main public transport in town.

Butterfly Garden is the venue of current night market a.k.a. pasar malam and it is a parking space during day time.

This mural was drawn by a popular Sibu figure, Edmund Wong, who is a performer as well as a famous bestman for wedding.

There is an issue having mural at this alleyway as at day time, this place has become a motorcycles parking area which blocking the view of the mural.

If that's the case then there is no point of having mural which the main objective is to boost Sibu tourism especially for Sibu Visit Year 2017.

Visitors will not be able to snap a clean shot with the mural when there are other objects blocking the view which may cause great disappointment for the visitors.

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