Saturday, April 9, 2016

6th Mural - A Cooking Scene of The Most Authentic Diang Miang Ngu @ The Little Alleyway

Read an online article saying that this is the 7th official mural commissioned by Sibu Municipal Council (SMC), but as far as my calculation is concerned... this should be the 6th. Can't find any reliable information about the 6th mural, so I'll follow my own tracking..

This 6th mural is about Kiu Chiong Loi who is operating Diang Miang Ngu's stall at the little alleyway near Blacksmith Road for more than half a century.

Chop Hing Huong is the name of the stall and the mural is at the same alleyway with just few steps away from it. To know more about Chop Hing Huong and Diang Miang Ngu, you can read my previous post about it.

The artist who produced this drawing is Branden Tiong, a renowned Sibu videographer cum photographer. He finished the artwork around February this year.

This mural shared the same problem as the previous one where the alleyway become motorcycles parking area during day time thus it's hard to take a clear shot of this mural.

At this moment of writing, this bowl of Diang Miang Ngu priced at RM 4/bowl. In earlier days, the same serving can cost as cheap as less than a Ringgit to two.

This is a comparison of the real life photo with the wall painting.

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