Monday, December 14, 2015

Shell V-Power LEGO Model - Fiorano Shell Station

This is the 2nd week's release of Shell V-Power LEGO Model which is the Fiorano Shell Station.

This playset is modeled after the Shell station on Scuderia Ferrari’s private racetrack - Fiorano track in Fiorano Modenese, near Maranello, Itali and comes with a Shell Fuels Scientist LEGO Minifigure.

There are total of 79 LEGO bricks are used in this model. As the number of bricks are larger than the ordinary car models, thus the packaging is also relatively bigger in size.

There is a small separate package in the main package for smaller parts.

According to the instruction given, we 1st assemble the Shell Fuels Scientist LEGO Minifigure which is pretty easy and straightforward.

Assembling of the Fiorano Shell Station involves 2 major components. Firstly, we assemble the base of the station as follow:

After the base is done, we then assemble the roof part of the station:

Combine the 2 components - the base and the roof to form a complete Fiorano Shell Station model!

The right side view:

The fuel pump view which I particularly like it!!

As usual... there are few extra components as "spare parts"....

The Fiorano Shell Station and fuel scientist with Ferrari F138.

LEGO vs real life photo taken from the Internet:

Some real life photo on the Fiorano Shell Station at Fiorano track taken from the Internet:

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