Sunday, June 7, 2015

Breakfast @ My Corner - Curry Diang Miang Ngu + Pan Mee

Diang Miang Ngu - the Foochow style rice starch paste served normally in pork broth is one of the local delicacy that you can't miss when you visit to Sibu. For the most authentic Diang Miang Ngu in town, you can refer to my post Famous Sibu Diang Miang Ngu @ The Little Alleyway.

Recently I just found out there is a new variant of Diang Miang Ngu, which is served in curry broth, totally subvert the traditional way of serving the food. This variant can only be found at My Corner - a kopitiam that is located at Lorong Indah Timur.

The premises is a bit "hidden" from the main road. If you are driving from town to Bukit Aup / Jalan Teku direction, after passing by Woodland International School, you need to make a right turn when you see shop houses. You'll find a Petronas fuel station after the turn on your right. The kopitiam is just opposite.

Don't be surprised the place is flooded with patrons especially during weekend or public holidays despite its location was a little bit "remote" from the town center. Probably because many Siburians know there are something special at this shop.

The good thing about this area is it has ample parking space as there are no busy premises around. Thus, a worry less while enjoying your meals here.

There is a stall named Bean's Food Corner specialized in handmade flat noodles a.k.a. Pan Mee here. This is the main reason why I came all the way to this place to have my breakfast. Pan Mee is one of my favorite food I used to have in KL, but it is hardly found in Sibu.

Besides that, this stall currently getting its name boosted after its unique and daring creation serving a traditional Foochow cuisine in a non-traditional Henghua-way - the curry Diang Miang Ngu has been reported in local newspaper.

After I tried the curry Diang Miang Ngu myself, I found that it is something worth a try. The curry broth itself is thick enough and has strong curry spice smell. In fact, I personally feel it is a little bit too heavy in spice taste. However, the broth is just nicely cooked and not salty. That's the reason why I can finish off the entire bowl including the broth. A very refreshing taste.

The only thing is that I personally feel some of the rice starch paste are a little too thick. It is not a big deal after all since the curry broth itself is tasty enough to cover the tasteless pastes despite of their thickness.

There are plenty of Pan Mee variations here but I had tried the most original Pan Mee serving, which is in clear broth. An authentic Pan Mee soup (which I used to eat) should have the few ingredients: the deep fried ikan bilis, some sliced mushrooms, some cangkuk manis a.k.a. mani cai as well as minced pork to serve with handmade flat noodles in broth.

This stall has almost all except minced pork... another "not-a-big-deal“ since and they have substituted it with pork balls. The most important factor to determine the deliciousness of the food is still lay on its broth.

Yes, it is sweet and tasty and I can feel the squid taste in the broth. I am not sure if they have added squids when preparing the broth, anyway the conclusion is this bowl of Pan Mee passed my taste buds and it's almost the authentic taste!

A bowl of curry Diang Miang Ngu is RM 5.50 with quite big portion while the Pan Mee soup is RM 4.00.

There are many other variations of Pan Mee which worth for me to go back and try them up one day!

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