Thursday, May 1, 2014

“Raw Meat Noodles" @ Wan Li Sheng Rou Mee Sibu

I realized that it has been a while since my last update of this blog. Perhaps this is my first post of the year of horse!! Bear in mind... I never give up to update this blog yet even though the frequencies might have been cut down..... yeah.... a lot! :p

So this post is about the latest food I tried. I am not sure what is its proper term in English, but if direct translate from its Chinese name 生肉面, it's acceptable to call it "Raw Meat Noodles".

Raw meat?? Are you serious?? Well... actually the meat or to be more precise it is the pork are not raw at all. They're well cooked! The cuisine is from Sabah (if I'm not mistaken).

Now, Sibu has an eatery selling the cuisine. The shop is called Wan Li Sheng Rou Mee located at Medan Commercial Center area, the shoplot behind Junction Cafe.  It has been quite a while they opened for business, but this is my first trial to the pretty much shared and discussed food among my friends on social media.

The noodles come with 2 variants. The wet and the dry. I opted for the dry version which consists of a bowl of dry-toss noodles and a separate bowl of pork broth. As for local adaptation and favors, the dry-toss noodles is actually the Sibu locals most favorite food - the Kampua Mee!

As for the noodles part, I have not much comment since I have plenty of choices for a better Kampua serving in town, such as Sing Hin Corner! The specialty and selling point of the "Raw meat noodles" a.k.a. Sheng Rou Mian is actually on the thinly sliced pork and also its broth.

The pork is something that surprised my taste buds. They're so thin, smooth and soft until a point that they can be easily torn apart without any chewing effort! Frankly this is my first time having pork with such feeling. I am wondering if they just pour the hot and boiled soup onto the thinly sliced raw meats which make them just nice to be cooked with such soft texture, and that's where the name "raw meat noodles" came from?? If someone can enlighten me on this.... emmm...

The fresh pork's broth supposed to be sweet and tasty with some green vege been added in it, but I am not sure why the one served on my table has not much taste with some herb taste. The one I bought home is totally different and much more tastier! I am wondering if Ajinomoto is the culprit?? :p

I personally not in favor of the own-made free flow sour sauce they supplied which is made by whole lime including its rind. It's too sour and not spicy, my opinion.

One thing I like about this coffee shop is that the environment is clean with foods and beverages price been displayed big and clear on the wall. This is an added point to the shop and indirectly it can prevent some "miscalculation issue" that sometimes did happened at some eateries. Furthermore, it also gives a clear direction to the customers where their every single cent had been spent. Thumbs up for this!!

However, the con is that serving speed is a little slow, slightly below Sibu standard relative to the customers visiting the eatery as per time but still acceptable if you're not rushing for time.

One more thing I would like to complain is that the cook is not generous at all at giving the broth. See the one I ordered which only half full with such small bowl size. But the one I bought home seems to be more generous. Perhaps the eatery should improve on the standard!

Oh ya... for those who is looking for a comfortable and cold environment, this is just a normal coffee shop style without air-cond, but they have sufficient electric fans hanging on wall. The place is quite cool if you visit in the morning.

A set of Sheng Rou Mian either it is dry or wet version priced at RM5 respectively. You can order its special version for RM8

If you never being to Sabah before and you heard much about the Sheng Rou Mian, perhaps this is currently the only place to try it out in Sibu! Cheers and Happy Labours Day to all my readers!


  1. Good to see you back! Based on your post, better go to KK and try then

  2. funny that i have seen many posts by blogger on this but not even one post an address


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