Sunday, September 1, 2013

Junction Cafe & Restaurant @ Medan Commercial Center

Cafe style restaurants springing up like mushrooms in the town of Swan recently. Today I gonna introduce to you the one that I recently visited. Located at one of the Sibu hottest commercial spot, Medan Commercial Center, somewhere near the newly developed shop houses at Medan Mall area, same row with 100 Yen shop, Junction Cafe & Restaurant is its name.

This eatery just started its business around May this year. It's still consider quite a new eating spot to be explored. The place offers various kind of cuisine, from eastern to western.

The shop is using partial open kitchen concept where bar to prepare beverages is located parallel with the tables where customers enjoy their meals. Therefore while you are waiting for your orders to be served, if you are seated at a right spot, you can probably spend your vacant time enjoying the scenery of the handsome "bartender" preparing the beverages. Honestly, why not employ a pretty "bartender"? Otherwise it'll definitely get an extra credit from me... and... I believe from many of the "wolves" out there as well!! :p

The ambient lighting as well as the modern and adventurous combination colors of shop interior have contributed to a relaxing and modern environment. However, the shop space is rather limited where it can only accommodate 7 tables inside the premises. Tables are placed in linear arrangement where 5 of the tables in one line, one after another with a small gap in between and 2 more at another corner. Therefore, it's definitely not a good choice when privacy is your priority but an ideal place for large group gathering!

Talking about the foods, there is one on the menu that specifically attracted my attention - the Fish Head Bee Hoon or rice vermicelli. This is not a common dish that one can find anywhere. I only had it once in KL some ages ago which I had recorded it in this blog titled "Fish Head Noodles @ Woo Pin Taman Desa" and it was fabulous and surprised my taste buds!! I didn't think twice but to order the food directly after seeing it on the menu in this Cafe!

The serving didn't disappoint me! Although it was not as milky as the one I had in KL, but overall the Fish Head Bee Hoon served here satisfied my taste buds enough! It was a bit pricy, RM8.90 a bowl, but the serving portion is relatively generous, especially the fish!

There is no bad smell of the fish, most of the fish are boneless but you gotta be careful when consume them as you may still get some "surprise". The fish was deep fried before been cooked in the broth. The broth is tasty and is cooked with some tomatoes, salted vege, gingers and evaporated milk which made the taste so special, a little sour yet little sweet and milky! I personally recommend this dish!

There are still wide range of foods you can order from in this eatery. Here are some that been tried out during the visiting...

Fish rice in your selected sauce.... and this one is honey black pepper sauce for RM 6.90. Quite generous portion of fish.

Fried Tomato Silky Egg Kueh Tiao RM 7.90. The plate is big but just a normal Fried Kueh Tiao in tomato sauce. Taste ok too..

Creamy Prawn Spaghetti RM 12. Not sure about the taste as I didn't try it but the presentation looks good!

There are various choices of snacks too if you not prefer heavy meal...
  • Soft Shell Crab RM 12
  • Fried Mushroom RM 6.90
  • Mexican Pan Cake RM 12
  • Cheesy Chicken RM 8

For beverages, if you are there for breakfast, I would recommend its coffee. It is thick and creamy but bit pricy... RM3.50 per cup.

If you prefer cooling drink, perhaps you can try this, ice blended Oreo!! Really refreshing! RM6.90.

As conclusion, I like this place and the foods served. WiFi service is available, but not always switch on and you may need to request for it. One added point is that near every meal table, there is a wall socket which I believe is for the customers to re-power the devices that believed to have changed human behavior forever! ;) 

If you need more information about this eatery, you can visit their Facebook fan page here:


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