Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dinner @ OhYa! Cafe

If you are out of idea where to have/treat your friends or relatives a decent dinner in Sibu, perhaps you can consider this cafe (restaurant) called OhYa! Cafe which is situated at Jaya Li Hua Commercial Centre (or Siburian more favorably called it Bus Terminal area) at Jalan Pahlawan, just next to Baba & Siam Cafe and Lounge.

This is a rather low profile eatery where at the moment of my writing, there are still not many have mention about it or highlight it on blogs, neither checked in and tagged on social medias. Perhaps it is still quite new and not widely known among the Siburian yet. I believe pretty many still not even aware of its existence.

Me too just came across the cafe some times ago through the hottest social media Facebook. A friend of mine had brought me to the place last night to have a simple dinner.The menu is simple... typical local dinner dishes where you can get them in any dinner oriented restaurants throughout Sibu.

However the ambience and the internal design of the shop have make it different from a typical restaurant. The use of indirect lighting and the dark grey painted wall have add up to the modern feel of the shop's design. Most importantly it is fully air-cond!

As I mentioned the foods and beverages served are pretty decent. Different kind of vege, meats, fish, prawn, eggs, soups and etc, you name it, most of the time you will got it! The price also very affordable and reasonable!

We have tried few dishes, the small Kailan stir fried with butter, bitter gourd fried with "3-color eggs", sizzling plate Japanese bean curds, pork with salted fish and sea cucumber soup. All foods we tried are tasty enough but don't have extra surprise. The pork with salted fish dish worth a thumb up to go with white rice!!

The bill came out including beverages is around RM 70 for 4 of us. Reasonable? Yes??

I was just too busy eating until forget to shoot the internal view of the restaurant. Sorry to all the readers! 

I personally like the environment, but it'll be better if there is free WiFi service available. Perhaps it'll also be a good place for a tea and chit chatting session among friends or family after the dinner if the cafe can play some nice music at the background. Hope I am not too demanding! :p


  1. I had passed through this place a few times already. Will drop by when free based on the food review here

    1. Not too bad... a decent place for a decent dinner... but the ambience is a lil dark... I personally like it but maybe not old ppl's choice :p


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