Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Inferno Aftermath @ Kampung Dato Sibu

The inferno on 19th June 2013 (Wed) at Kampung Dato and Kampung Hilir Sibu had razed around 100 wooden houses.  There are total of 653 people from 107 families had been registered as fire victims in the tragedy which was believed to have started from a vacant house in Kampung Hilir. The inferno then spread towards the direction of Paramount Hotel with the "help" of strong winds.

[Photo taken from Borneo Post Online]

I visited the place on the 3rd day after the destructing event and discovered that Kampung Dato's scenery which I believe all Siburians are so used to see almost entirely erased from the view!

The aftermath from the disaster is really horrible and sad!!

There were still some smoke could be seen even after 3 days of the tragedy.

More photos on the inferno:
1. Inferno razes 100 Sibu houses

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