Sunday, June 16, 2013

The New Permanent Stage @ Sibu Town Square

Sibu Town Square now has a new, grand and permanent center stage that costs almost 2 millions of Ringgit Malaysia.

According to state's Minister of Local Government and Community Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, the new stage was built to replace the general stage that has no facilities. Over the past years, Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) had to spend over RM100,000 to construct the temporary structure every time if there is any major event held on the place.

According to a report in New Sarawak Tribune website,  the stage is 40m in width and 24m in breadth, covers a total of 900 square meters floor area. The construction started on 1st October last year and completed on 30th May this year.

Facilities being incorporated into the stage are male and female's changing rooms with toilet facilities, audio video control room and distribution panels, utility room, VVIP restroom, the backstage and a large stage floor.

The stage will be equipped with the latest state of art lighting technologies with hydraulic operating system as well as excellent acoustics system.

Some said the stage looks like a Swan spreading her wings, what say you? Well... for me... I personally feel if you insist to relate the stage with a swan as Sibu is called "the town of swan", ok... that's accepted.

Anyhow, the new stage will be playing its role for the first time during the upcoming Borneo Cultural Festival which will be held in less than 2 weeks time from now, 28th June - 7th July 2013.

1. New Sarawak Tribune: Sibu Town Square will have new stage in May
2. The Borneo Post: Town square’s centre stage 84 pct completed

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