Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1st Dining Experience @ Pelicana Chicken Sibu, Malaysia 1st Outlet!

I bet almost everyone know what KFC or McD are. Sarawakians may also familiar with Sugarbun. But how many have heard about Pelicana Chicken?

Actually all of these names are sharing same business nature, which is providing fast foods focusing in fried chickens as well as hamburgers. KFC and McD are western oriented. Sugarbun is a localized version origin from the state of hornbill.

How about Pelicana Chicken then? It's actually a Korean style fast food restaurant just been added to the competition and has opened its very first outlet in Sibu! Located at Medan Commercial Center, Jalan Wong King Huo, the outlet is just a stone throw away from Medan Mall shopping complex.

Actually this Korean franchise which was brought into Sibu by a local has started its business early this year, but to be honest, it's my first attempt to try it out with few friends.

Once we stepped into the restaurant, we were greeted loudly "Annyeonghaseyo" by the staff on duty at the counter. I believe this is to create a Korea's atmosphere and give a fresher experience to the customers. I personally feel that if the staff can use some kind of Korean style costume, the feeling will be greater.

As 1st timers, we couldn't decide what to order. There are quite a few Ala-carte items on the menu which you can order. To make the life easier, we went for 2 combo set meals, which each of them can feed 2 persons.

Another reason we ordered the combo set is because it consists of most of the signature dishes in the restaurant which each set includes 2 pieces of Peli Crunchy Chicken (deep fried hot & spicy), 5 pieces of Yangnyeom Chicken (Korean style seasoned fried chicken with sweet & spicy glaze), a bowl of Korean Fragrant Rice, French Fries, 2 types of Korean style side dish and 2 cups of typical soft drink of your choice. This chicken combo set priced at RM28.80 per set.

The Peli Crunchy Chicken came together with a special Yellow sauce. It tastes some sort like Thousand Island dressing which I personally like a lot! The Yangnyeom chickens, the signature Korean style fried chicken recipe with sweet and spicy glaze, but honestly they're not spicy at all. It is something unique and different from other western style fast food restaurants.

The Korean fragrant rice is something that you should try! It has a very special fragrant, probably it's cooked with seaweeds. With black sesame been added to the rice, it was truly a new experience to my taste buds! However, I personally feel the rice is a little too dry to consume.

One thing you may need to pay attention is that unlike KFC or McD, this Korean franchise only sells 2 variation of chicken parts, the chicken wing as well as drumstick. There are neither thigh nor breast available. The French Fries are much "fatter" than those sold at other western franchise.

The Korean style side dishes which also act as the appetizers are something special too. I am not sure what's the dish above called, but from the appearance they look like prepared using the same method as Kimchee. They're a bit sour in taste, but not spicy.

If you are a person who love to taste new foods, perhaps the seaweeds side dish is something you should try out. I personally feel the seaweeds do not have "public" taste, which I think some people may not be able to accept it but it is not that bad after all! Do try it before you judge! ;)

The outlet provides a very comfortable place to dine in with its bright color design and fully air-cond. I like the combination of bright and cheering colors used for the interior design for the outlet. There are TVs on the wall showing K-Pop MTVs all the time. So, if you are K-Pop lover and wanna enjoy Korean music while dining, you can serious consider this place! Wi-Fi service is FOC!! ;)

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  1. I was reading this Pelicanan review, then I realised it was your blog! Nice one!


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