Sunday, October 4, 2015

Taro Bihun and Beef Noodles @ Sibu Central Market Stall No. 52

Sibu Central Market 1st floor has more than 100 food stalls and you may wonder which stall to hunt for good foods?

One of them is stall No.52 specialized in selling taro rice vermicelli a.k.a. bihun. The stall has no name on its signboard.

The cook has been reported in one of the local newspaper for this unique cuisine. The report also mentioned that he was once the apprentice under famous Taiwanese celebrity's chef named "Ah Ji Shi 阿基师".

I believe this is the only place you can find this cuisine in Sibu. The taro are nicely cooked, easily break apart and melt in mouth. They're hot on fresh serving so you may need to be careful when put them in mouth to prevent scald.

The broth is tasty with some mushrooms, celery and pork added, but if you are not favor of celery's smell, no worry... there is no celery's taste at all. RM 5 per bowl and it is quite big serving.

Another cuisine which you can try on this stall is the beef noodles a.k.a. mee sapi. There are 2 variants of beef noodles... the normal one and also mixed beef noodles. I have tried the mixed variant which actually added tripe and tendon to the noodles besides the beef. The tendons are soft and easily chewed.

The only thing I personally not as favor about is the use of yellow noodles in preparing this cuisine as the rounded yellow noodles are thick in size, so when the broth is thin or doesn't have extra flavoring, the boiled yellow noodles may appear tasteless. Anyhow, that's the type of noodles used in preparing beef noodles around the region.

The mixed beef noodles priced at RM 5 per bowl and the normal variant only RM 4.

There are other type of local delicacies served at this stall such as Foochow style cooked or fried noodles and so on. This is one of the stall at Sibu Central Market hawker food center which worth you a trial!

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