Sunday, September 20, 2015

Comfortable + Affordable Lunch @ Le Cafe, Sibu

Looking for a comfortable place to have a decent lunch with affordable price? Perhaps you can try Le Cafe along the Brooke Drive, the new commercial building just after Sheraton Restaurant.

This cafe hasn't earn any big name yet as I hardly get or hear any review about it. However, it has its own Facebook fan page where you can get sufficient information about the foods served there as well as part of its main menu and pricing.

I first pronounce the restaurant "lee" cafe, with the word "Le" I thought is some sort like a french word, but I knew I was wrong when I found out their Chinese name is actually 乐餐厅 (le can ting) which the "Le" should be pronounce as "ler" Cafe. "Ler" in mandarin means joy, so the Le Cafe can be literally translated as the restaurant of joy!

The ambiance is a bit dim in my opinion, but it is clean and tidy as a whole. The purple painted wall with some background music give calm and relaxing experience while enjoying the meal.

There are wide range of western and eastern cuisine or mixture of both to choose from in this restaurant. I have tried the Deep Fried Pork Chop in orange sauce served with rice, which is actually a mixture of western and eastern cuisine. The portion is big, especially the cook gave a very generous portion of the pork chop but I personally feel the pork chop is a way too dry and not juicy. However, with the price of RM 11.90 per set, it is worth to try especially for those who love pork.

Tom Yam Mayo Chicken Chop served with rice is another serving that caught my eyes on the menu since Tom yam is one of my favorite. I was curious how is tom yam sauce taste like as all the while tom yam is always related to soup but not sauce. The outcome was a little bit disappointed me as the so called "tom yam" sauce more tasted like thousand island sauce with little sour taste. Despite the sauce not really "tom yam", it is good in taste and worth to try with the price RM 10.90.

For those prefer pure western serving, I would recommend this Pan Fried Chicken Chop with Cola BBQ Sauce and French Fries. The taste is good and more importantly, the price RM 11.90 is very affordable for a western food range. The chicken is nicely grilled and the meat is soft and juicy.

For eastern food lovers, Bah Kut Teh is served during weekend. If you don't like the "chop" stuff and want a decent eastern cuisine for lunch, this home made Bah Kut Teh might be a good choice. There are small, medium and large portion to choose from with medium serving priced RM 20 per claypot and it is sufficient for 3-4 people. Have a bowl of rice plus baby Kailan as side order, it is a perfect combination for a decent eastern lunch.

The beverages here are pretty affordable as well. Any choice of ice blended drink for only RM 3.90 per cup.

The cafe served wider range of steaks and western foods during dinner and supper hours. I'll definitely go back and try out other foods if got chance for their reasonable price as well as the choices on the menu! All prices on the menu are inclusive of GST!

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  1. This place is so near my house. Will definitely drop by after reading your review.


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