Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Linsanity!

I guess most of you by now should have heard or at least come across the term "Linsanity"! It is a term given to a Havard boy, American born Chinese named Jeremy Lin who had been signed by New York Knicks initially as a bench warmer, but then had been given a chance to play at starting lineup following injuries by team's big name, such as Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudamire.

Lin then showed his talent and skills to the world as the team's point guard by scoring 25 points in his debut versus New Jersey Nets. His high performance doesn't just stop there, but he continued to bring the team to seven straight games victory! As a rookie, his outstanding performance was something unexpected. Since then, the name of Jeremy Lin had been spread widely and some of those never pay attention to NBA sports have now did so because of him! The impact brought by him to the NBA sports as well as the economy is something undeniable!

So, here is my version of Linsanity through the game NBA 2K12, my most favorite game! With latest rosters patch applied, I'm able to use Lin on New York Knicks starting lineup! With the overall skill points of 75 (of 100), Lin is not a super good player to use but with my believe of the power of Linsanity, he had became my primary player to dribble and score points for the team! (sorry to Melo and Stoudamire for been neglected! ;p )

[Lin's layout shot!]

[Lin's alley-oop pass to Carmelo Anthony!]

In my last night match, my Jeremy Lin had lead the team to win over Miami Heat, where Lin scored a buzzer beater to bring the team towards the victory!! My Linsanity!!

[The buzzer beater shot!]

[Lin's slam!!]

[Lin blocked Mario Chalmers's shot!]

[Lin passed the ball to Steve Novak for a 3-point shot!]

 [Lin's performance over the Miami Heat!]

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