Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Extension of Sibu Airport - The West Wing

It has been a while since my last post on this blog. I should truly feel shamed of myself especially when sometimes I shouted I'm "a blogger" in front of my friends yet I have abandoned my primary blog for such long!

Being lazy is one thing. Another thing is nothing new in my life to share about. Anyway I am back! I finally found something to share with all my readers! It is not something new, perhaps a lot of you may already saw and used it. What can it be then?

It's actually about the extension of Sibu Airport. Told you it is nothing new. Just that recently I had go and fro Sibu airport for few rounds, so I have the chance to take some photos on part of the completed structure. Just in case you haven't see the place, here we go!

The west wing of the airport is the earliest section to be completed and it is now partially functional. It is used as the departure hall for flights check-in and luggage dropping area.

The new departure hall has plenty of spaces if compare to the old one. Now passengers or the airport users can have a more comfortable and cooler place to complete their check-in procedure. The place should actually fully air-conditioned, yet I believe as the construction is not fully completed, thus these air conds are also not fully functional too.

I couldn't feel the cold when I was inside, the standing air conditioners at the deepest end of the wall from the entrance seem didn't produce cold air but the normal wind. However, there are fans around to make the place less stuffy.

A restaurant and shop are available at the departure hall, yet with poor internal design. Couldn't it be better since the terminal building is such welly constructed?

There are total of 18 check-in counters compare to 8 before the expansion. Predicted this will reduce the jam during peak period provided that there are that many ground staff on duty!

At this moment of writing, the right wing of the terminal building already been opened to be used as the arrival hall with 2 luggage reclaim belts while the renovate and over haul works of the center part (the old terminal building) had just started few days ago.

Let us wait for the completion of the entire upgrading project of Sibu Airport which needs maybe a year to two.


  1. 我只是不耐check in柜台前面的那些柱子,排队的时候还要绕corner?!而且还蛮靠近柜台的,不能接受!不能接受!

  2. 可能是要让中间的地方比较宽敞吧。

  3. 我是不耐后面的那两间店!机场做到这样漂亮,但是那两间店位不懂为什么做到那么的不搭嘎!好像是非法扩充似的!

  4. 柱子事小,效率事大
    我530PM左右到,等到610pm還輪不到check in
    後來有人上前查詢才插隊check in,
    後來才有櫃台人員出來喊"有沒有XX班機的?這理check in"
    都沒分那個航線的開始check in,導致不趕的也出現隊伍裡

  5. 讲到效率这回事,我是没太大的期望啦... 毕竟已经很看死大马的工作文化!亚航counter没人, 有可能是近来需要自己上网check-in,所以到了机场就省了很多功夫吧?我猜的啦~

  6. 馬航也可上網check-in
    可是"油价及成本大幅增加 马航全年巨亏25亿"

  7. 我极度怀疑亚航的飞机是否是用hybrid的,所以人家赚大钱,而我们的马航却因为“油价及成本大幅增加”而年年亏到爽!!也难怪啦... 亏了钱又不用有人负责的,只不过用人民的钱来填补亏损罢了嘛~ 最重要还是自己口袋的爽度够就好了!

  8. Does upgrading the airport also mean improving the services and facilities? Will there be buses to the airport? In my opinion, means to and from airport is also important. Depending alone on taxis is not enough.


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