Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Visit to Pineapples Farm

Ever see how a pineapples farm looks like? Yeah, I mean the real pineapple farm and not the one in Farmville game which people are crazy about nowadays!

I felt lucky to have a chance for around an hour's visiting to a real pineapple farm during my visit to Sri Aman recently. This farm is owned by an uncle of mine who operate this farm not for the sake of commercial, but it is to fulfill his own satisfaction, passion and interest!

While younger generation nowadays prefer to sit in front of computer planting their pineapples through the virtual soil, this is what the elder generation such as my uncle prefers to do. Be realistic, get a land, and plant the fruits with his sweats, energy and hard work on the mother earth!

The weather was hot when we visited the farm, but by wearing the straw hat that we brought along and long sleeve, it avoids the sun from burning the skin directly. Anyway, when I saw the beauty of the farm, the heat is just too minor to deal with.

You need to be extra careful when walking in a pineapple farm as the pineapple's through-shaped leaves are covered with very sharp spines that can cut through the skin!

The young pineapple can be very colorful and beautiful! I love the view so much!

It was not the right time to visit the farm as it was nearly the end of the fruiting season. Therefore, most of the fruit had been harvested.

The ripen fruits sometimes can become the target of pests such as rats. This is what happened when a pineapple was attacked and eaten by the rats. Poor pineapple...

Yeah, these are part of the pineapples we harvested on the day. Although not many, but the satisfactory was indescribable! It's a very good experience though!


  1. That is a nanas sawit. Miss farming at my grandpa ochard and ladang lembu sites.

  2. My maternal grandfather house also got pineapple farm, but just small area, haha...


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