Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sibu Flood 2010

 Ops! Sibu is in water again!!

[Flood in front of shop houses near Jalan Kampung Nyabor]

Due to unpredicted change of climate and continuous raining especially at upstream area such as Kapit and Kanowit plus the high tide, Sibu is once again became the victim of flash flood. 

[Temporary "bridge" was built by staffs of a supermart to ease people crossing]

Everybody in Sibu realized that the main cause of the flood is the shallowed Rejang River which needs to clean up urgently, but this fact is fully denied by the politicians in power. Despite, they chose their own solution by spending millions of tax payers money to build some sort of water pump in order to pump the water back to the river which appears to be illogical and impractical! The luxury construction still in progress.

 [Traffic jam on the "bridge", people just can't wait to cross...]

Nothing much I can comment about. Perhaps the coming state election is the best path to give a lesson to those in power what people's voice is all about!

[The newly renovated Sibu Heritage Center is one of the venue surrounded by flood]

I leave you with the photos I took this morning on the flood in Sibu, just in case you are wondering how the town looks like when it is in the water!

[Flood view at Jalan Central]

[This is dangerous, somebody needs to do something on it]

[Shop lots near Jalan Central were badly affected by the flood]

[Hand-in-hand, we across water!]

[Which way should I go?]

[Road and Rejang River is on the same level]

[A view at Jalan Kho Peng Long which is just beside the Rejang River]

[Life still need to go on despite the inconvenient resulted from the flood ]

[Utilize the water from mother nature]


  1. dont worry, wait until our pump working, Sibu will be saved.

  2. hahahahha.... my kampung side badly affected. Saw the pic my sis send me.

  3. The flood of such magnitude was last recorded early 2009 as I blogged about it too that time. Too bad I can't see the flood this time with my own eyes

  4. 表酱,人家说争取了三千万来挖河床了,做个抽水站可以用亿来算,区区三千万可以挖几公尺?!还是几公分?!最后挖了如果还是一样就不要讲人家没有做嘛,挖啦,还是涨,人家也是尽人事了,体谅一下人家末。。。做末你们就是不听专家的?!


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