Thursday, May 10, 2012

No Photo @ Big Apple Donuts & Coffee Sibu

If you are big fan of modern style donuts with various topping and attractive garnishing, you don't need to fly all the way from Sibu to Kuching or KL to have it. With the opening of Big Apple Donuts and Coffee outlet in Star Mega Mall Sibu last month, Sibu people can now enjoy the mouth-watering freshly fried snack at their hometown itself!

I would not elaborate too much about the outlet as I believe this free "advertisement/promotion" is not appreciated by the shop operator. I am not sure if it is a written rule for the franchise, but I had been stopped for taking photo during my visit to the outlet last weekend. A franchise with open-kitchen concept, yet not allow photo taking? Are you kidding me? I really can't figure out the logic behind it!

New shop, huge crowd, the 2 terms that can't be separated as long as "kiannai" Sibu people is concern. This is also what happened at Big Apple Donuts Sibu, people were queuing to "fight" for the donuts but how long this situation will sustain? Wait and see...

OK... I admit I am another typical "kiannai" Sibu guy. Had bought half a dozen of donuts with different toppings just for a try. The price is not cheap. If you buy less than 6 pieces, each donuts will cost you RM3.10! One box of half dozen is RM17, while a box of a dozen is RM31.

Each of the donut with different topping has their own name. The 6 pieces I bought are named as follow. From top left is Mumble Jumble, Yammy Yamato and Say Cheese, while at the bottom row from the left are Wakeup Wally, White Cashew and the one with green and white topping is Milky Way! For other donuts' naming, you can look for them at the chart below.

Taste? emmm... quite nice to eat. Give it a try!

Oh ya, these are the photos I managed to "steal" from the outlet before the shop operator stopped me for doing so. ;)


  1. why so expensive ?! cannot handle lah, hahaha... only can try one time enough.

  2. You looked like spy maybe.

  3. As a price comparison with the price over here. 6 donuts cost RM 13.50 and a dozen cost RM 25. Been to Sibu Outlet, I still prefer the outlet over here.

  4. They already opened up their kitchen for everyone to view, so why need to scare of spy if any?? I bet just ego la... since the name Big Apple already so famous...

    So the price is different between peninsular and Sibu? I thought franchise should be practicing the same price for every outlet. Too bad then... RM17 for 6 pieces of donuts is a bit "high class" for Sibu people I believe. Will see how long the shop can sustain here...

  5. Tell him "I'm blogger, don't piss me off!" :P


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