Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Visit to Sibu Development Exhibition 2011

Sibu Development Exhibition 2011 was held at Sibu Trade & Exhibition Center from 28th October -12 November 2011 in conjunction with Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) 30th Anniversary.

I know it was a bit late to write about this especially when I actually visited the place on its very first weekend of this 3-week event. Couldn't find my mood to showcase about this exhibition as in my very personal opinion, there are nothing much to cheer and tell the story about. This exhibition just couldn't give me some kinda "kicks" to write about it.

However as a blogger who mostly highlight on Sibu's events and happenings, I finally found my mood to at least share a little overview about the exhibition. If you want me to describe this event using one word, I'll say "It-is-an-exhibition-with-plenty-of-nostalgic-photos"!

Yes! That's it! SMC itself occupied the most space in the exhibition hall. Once you entered SMC's exhibition compound, you would start to see a lot of very historical photos on the wall. Is good to see how a town named Sibu started with in the earlier years!

Some of these photos could really flash back our long lost memories. Just like the photos about demolition of the old open market which I used to go with my mum when I was kiddie before it moved to the current central market and the outdoor track & field stadium which turned to be the base of Wisma Sanyan now!

Of course besides those historical and classical photos, there were also plenty of modern photos on various venues and occasions in Sibu. Well, I guess only by comparison among the old and new, classic and modern, it'll then serve the objective of the exhibition which is about the development of this land, isn't it?

The miniature of proposed design of Sibu Town Square phase 2 showcased near the exit of SMC's exhibition area is quite nice looking, yet would it turns to be a real project is still a big question mark. Not that I am pessimistic, but I had a bad experience visited SIDEX (Sibu Development Expo) 2005 which proposed the old SMC building to turn into a very unique opera house, (but what the hell an opera house to do in Sibu? that's another story anyway...) but it ended up become Sibu Heritage Center which is a totally different design from its initial planning.

Apart from SMC, among other exhibitors are like JKR, Lembaga Air Sibu, Lembaga Sungai-Sungai Sarawak, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad, Polis DiRaja Malaysia, ATM, Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah Sibu, Sarawak Energy, Lembaga Pelabuhan Rajang and etc etc.

One booth that attracted my attention is Jabatan Penjara Malaysia where they displayed the basic necessities given to a prisoner and also uniform of prisoners in different stages of imprisonment.

What impressed me the most in the whole exhibition is a row of high definition photos showcasing Sibu found outside the wall of SMC's exhibition area. For an amateur photographer holding a compact camera, I personally felt these photos are truly beautiful, heart touching and full of WOW experience!

I am not sure why this exhibition needs to be held for such a lengthy period as honestly there were nothing excited to explore except those historical photos. Yeah, I agree, it is good to organize such event once in a while to either remind or flash back or acknowledge Sibu people about the development of this land, but do it for a week to two should be more than enough. Furthermore, SIDEX 2005 as well as this edition had been held near to its upcoming election which couldn't help me to relate it with the election.

Now I am wondering when will be the next edition of this kind of exhibition?


  1. I love browsing those old photos. Too bad I can't hang around long enough to see this exhibition

  2. Yes, is nice to browse through those old photos. Actually you shd visit the exhibition in your last trip back to Sibu, it won't spent you too much time, in fact an hour or two will be enough! ;)

  3. Need one or two hrs or not? Maybe twenty minutes enuf, haha.

  4. See how much you "appreciate" those photos lo... hahaa...

  5. Errr... Maybe around 40 mins? I quite appreciate those photos eh... ;p


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