Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1Malaysia Broadband Carnival 2011 @ Sibu

When you read this post, the event was actually over, but I just wish to share some of my experience in it and to polish my half-dead blog!

This event was called 1Malaysia Broadband Carnival which was held from 29th - 30th October 2011 at Sibu Town Square phase 2. I didn't really notice about this event, until a friend mentioned to me it was a nation wide program and Sibu was one of the selected venue.

Yes! There were only 5 towns throughout the country been selected as the venue for this year's carnival and Sibu is one of them. It is also the only selected town in Sarawak for the event organized by Ministry of Information Communication and Culture in collaboration with Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

Please don't be too excited with the name "1Malaysia Broadband Carnival". You wouldn't get any broadband for free, or special cheap broadband subscription on the event really. It is not like "1Malaysia shop" or "1Malaysia meal" where you might get super-duper deal such as 2 chicken wings, fish and vege for a plate of lunch with only RM3!

No! This event is not such kind. It was actually just a program to create awareness on the usage of broadband in the country. There was no 1Malaysia broadband package available!

However, couldn't deny that the carnival itself was so happening and lively with a lot of interactive programs been arranged and lots of prizes to be won from one booth to another. Computer gaming were available for free in some booths and that definitely is the favorite for kids to try out!

The appearance of local animation characters Upin & Ipin mascot had heat up the already-hot Sunday morning. Kids as well as adults were grabbing their chance to take photos with them! Too bad Boboi Boy's mascot never appear or else it would be highlight of the day perhaps!

SibuFM radio station was there to broadcast on location and demonstrated the situation in a real broadcasting studio. A paintball booth also been set up although it is not broadband related activity.

As a whole, it was a nice and cheerful carnival to attend especially for those families with kids. It must have brought so much fun to the kiddies but for an adult like me, really nothing much to gain from it.

No matter how, I wish Sibu will still be selected again for this carnival next year and definitely I'll return to feel its ambiance!


  1. Unifi bila datang sibu. My family in sibu really frustrated with the steamyx line. Maybe the line too stim to the max cause the network slow.

  2. Owen: Err.. I feel it's a pointless event.

  3. cmichael: Unifi will come to Sibu in no time... the infrastructure still not yet build... so still long way to go I guess..

    狐狸王: 给你speed test测试, 当然有差别啦。。。 不过我没真正去试啦。。 只是试了4M的speed test

    PS: Pointless for broadband subscribers like us... but maybe is a good chance to attract more customers for providers... anyway, the event is full of fun and good for children!


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