Sunday, September 18, 2011

Perfect Ice to Quench Your Thirst @ Giant Sibu

If I tell you the term "Perfect Ice", what come across your mind? You can ask at least three Ws and one H question about it. Why an ice can be perfect, what is so perfect then, where these perfect ice come from and how the so called "perfect ice" formed?

For me, the term "Perfect Ice" is not something that scientific and complicated. It is just another franchise shop I spotted at the newly opened Giant Hypermarket Sibu recently. The stall is specialize in selling fruit sherbet. What is sherbet? According to Oxford online dictionary, sherbet means "A cooling drink of sweet diluted fruit juices" while some other dictionaries may define it as "A frozen dessert made primarily of fruit juice and sugar".

Yes! That's exactly what Perfect Ice franchise is selling! Shredded ice made from fresh local fruits. Differ from the shaved ice from Iglool Snow Ice I reviewed few months ago, this shredded ice is not snowy but icy and smooth. If you ever taste the so called "The Coolest Drink on Earth" - the Slurpee sold only at 7-Eleven convenient shops, the shredded ice sold at Perfect Ice feel closer to it, but less watery and the ice is more solid and compact.

Perfect Ice smoothie is categorized into 3 levels of flavors. The Signature Flavors are the most common flavors which are formed from fruits like dragon fruits, mango, lime, honeydew, watermelon, lychee, pineapple and etc. Each flavor (small cup) is RM2.80 but you can opt for max. 2 mixed flavors (big cup) at RM3.80.

2nd level of flavor is called Special Flavors which are made from more uncommon fruits such as strawberry, Passion fruit, mulberry and apricot. The price is a bit higher with small cup RM3.80 and big cup RM4.80.

The 3rd level which is also the thickest flavor is called the Premier Flavors. Yam, Soursop, Orange, Durian, mocha, tiramisu, cappuccino and chocolate are categorized into this level. These are also the most expensive flavors with small cup single flavor priced RM4.30 and 2 mixed flavors RM5.80.

There are some flavors may be added or removed from the menu from time to time especially those related to seasonal fruits. In a nutshell, it is a very cooling beverage to enjoy especially during hot days besides getting some nutrient from the fresh fruits smoothie. Give it a try!

If you wish to know more about the making of Perfect Ice, look at the video clip below - the making of Perfect Ice as reported in 8TV program Ho Chak!

For more information about the franchise, here is its official site:

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  1. Love this drink. I think this icedrink tastes a way better than Iglool's.


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