Sunday, June 19, 2011

Iglool Snow Ice @ Delta Mall Sibu

Iglool Delta Mall is a newly established franchising snow ice dessert stall in Sibu. I was not aware of its existence until I visited the shopping complex this afternoon. I have not been there for quite some time.

The stall was located at 1st floor of Delta Mall shopping complex, just beside the escalator towards the floor. I was stunned by the crowd surrounding and queuing in front of the stall at the time I was window shopping there at around 1.30pm. 

The fresher concept of this franchise is that customers can place their order through a self-service touch screen kiosk standing in front of the stall. Operation of the kiosk is rather simple and user friendly. Just follow some simple on-screen instruction to place an order.

Kiosk users are first asked to choose their preferable language throughout the ordering process.

Upon choosing the language, menu of various snow ice flavors will be presented to kiosk users in tab form. Among the flavors available are chocolate, milk, green tea, strawberry and also mango.

For each flavor, there are different topping for customers to choose from.

After confirming the order, a resit will be printed out as a prove of ordering and payment. After the payment was made at the counter, you will be served very shortly and not much of waiting needed.

I had tried 4 flavors with family members. 1st - green tea snow ice with chocolate sauce. The ice have very strong green tea flavor and less sweet. It is nice to eat with the sweet chocolate topping it!

2nd - milk with champagne snow ice. Milky taste with the special sauce and cherry topping the ice!

3rd... mango flavor with passion fruit sauce. For mango lovers, this would be your choice! Very nice and strong mango flavor!

... last but not least, Season Strawberry Snow Ice. I am not sure what's the sauce topping it, but it is not bad to eat. However, the colorful sweets are a bit too hard to chew. Am I too old for that!!??

Each of these snow ice costs RM 4.80 per bowl, but the price might be vary depend on type of flavor and topping ranging from RM4.80 to around RM6.00.

The snow ice tasted "dry" and powdery, totally different from what we used to feel while enjoying traditional cendol or ABC. The well shaved ice not easy melt inside the polyethylene bowl, but the smooth and fluffy texture of snow ice melted instantly when contact with your mouth! That's a quite special experience for me!

I found out some interesting "knowledge" on one of the board at a corner of the stall titled "How to Enjoy Our Exotic Snow Ice". Lets ponder about it:

"To maintain its unique fluffy and smooth of the Snow Ice, the best way to enjoy the snow ice is by not stirring or mixing it.

It is advisable to scoop a little snow ice with a bit of its topping and put it to your mouth to feel the wonderful sensation of the delicious snow ice melting in your mouth thus feeling it exotic flavor spreading around your tongue. Hmm... it is the most indulgent treats you'll find anywhere."

So next time if you happen to try out the snow ice @ Iglool Medan Mall, don't forget to try enjoying this cold beverage using the above method and see if you are able to get the sensational and exotic feeling as described above!

For more information about this franchise, you can visit


  1. Passed by this stall many times but not yet tried, shud try next time.

  2. Yeap... you should... although a bit costly, but worth a try...

  3. not bad... the franchise is from Kuching... maybe one day will be available in KL too... ;)

  4. KL now famous with shop named Snow Flake. Desert are originated fr taiwan

  5. Same with this one... the idea of the dessert itself is from taiwan... but this Iglool branding is from Kuching if I have not mistaken...

  6. Dear All, Yes the Iglool brand was created by my friend in Kuching . In-fact, they have 2 outlets in Klang Valley. You can obtain it at Summit-USJ (Subang Jaya) and Kajang (Metro Kajang)


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