Saturday, May 7, 2011

Scary Accident Scene @ Standard Chartered Bank Sibu.

Spotted an accident scene this morning. It was located at Standard Chartered Bank, Jalan Ramin Sibu.

According to 2 security guards of the bank, the accident occurred at around 4am this morning. A motorcyclist believed to be working as a deejay at some pub/karaoke was the victim of the accident.

It is believed that the motorcyclist somehow run onto the pedestrian street, hit a alloy pillar and he flew off the motorbike and his head hit into the thick glass of the bank building.

From the blood stain, it's believed that the motorcyclist still able to stand up and walk around after hitting the glass before collapsed in front of it!

The scene is pretty scary with bloods everywhere and pieces of broken helmet covered with blood on the floor! Unofficial information saying that the victim already passed away. It is unsure that if the motorcyclist was riding in drunk condition or there are other causes of the accident. Anyway, to know about the details of this incident, please read the newspapers tomorrow!

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  1. WTF! Scary! The glass shud b damn thick and durable.

  2. According to today's news... the broken glass cut through his neck and that's why he lost so much blood! Yes... the glass is damn thick and you can imagine how serious is the impact!

  3. 照片比報章上的豐富~~~

  4. 那灘血還真的很大灘!也就是那個騎士倒斃的地方!


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