Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hii Tiong Huat Strikes Again On Street!

The most controversial local social activist, Hii Tiong Huat was seen this morning in town, near Sibu Gateway. He sat on top of his old Toyota car, which was modified to be his stage/platform to give political speeches and publicize himself during the recent Sarawak state election. For those who may not know, Hii was the independent candidate for N45 Bukit Assek constituency during the election. He lost the battle by getting only 180 votes which also caused him to lose his deposit. 

Today as usual he parked his car at the pedestrian street in front of Ling's Garden, stood a billboard created by himself beside the car, he sitting on top of his car, then waving at cars passing by to attract attention. He was protesting on something. Written on the billboard:

"Soon Koh, Thai King, Ho Leng
Pekerja : 16/5, 8AM
Bermula Dari Sini, Perlu
Meninjau Tajuk Yang Berkaitan
Dengan Kehidupan
Bos : Hii Tiong Huat Mengajak"

Emmm... I am wondering if Hii learned from Putrajaya government by using Google Translate to produce the message on his billboard as the entire sentence are not properly structured, grammatically wrong and very Google Translate feel! From my interpretation, Hii actually wanted to ask the 3 politicians he mentioned, who are Bukit Assek ADUN Wong Ho Leng, Bawang Assan ADUN Wong Soon Koh and Lanang MP Tiong Thai King to start doing their works by solving issues relating to daily life of Sibu people.

Why 16/5 8AM then? I believe Hii means these politicians never do their duty as the elected representative of Sibu, so he wants them to start it by the coming Monday which is on 16/5.

A police was seen interrogate with him, but I guess he did nothing against the law and didn't block the traffic, so the police can do nothing on him. It's believe that Hii struck again on the street to attract attention as he is preparing to be an independent candidate again in the coming parliamentary election which is predicted to be held in a near future!


  1. His courage worth some compliment.

  2. I think your action is faster than reporter, hahaha .... nice job.

  3. Coincidentally I just passed by there... so just stop at the side and took some photos...

  4. 業餘記者, like!

  5. 我看見的時候是大熱天!


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