Friday, July 23, 2010

Mafia Wars Las Vegas Beta - A Sneak Preview

Just lucky I got the chance to visit Las Vegas early with 35 rack of chips and I was that lucky to get the VIP access in my 2nd attempt! For those Mafia Wars game's maniac, I believe everyone are waiting to try out the latest chapter of Mafia Wars game.

So for those who haven't get the luck to obtain the VIP access to this chapter, here are some of the screenshots so that you can have the first hand preview of the Beta version of Las Vegas gameplay!

Here is the jobs screen. The layout is pretty different from the previous chapters i.e. New York, Bangkok, Cuba and Moscow. Each job panel is more compact and informative which cut down the mouse scrolling frequent to read the necessary information while doing the job.

In Las Vegas jobs, you could see there is a navigation panel on left side of the screen which indicates the path you can choose to complete an episode. The navigation still remain confusing to me, but try to move mouse cursor over each icon, the job that represented by the icon will get highlighted.

You can also maximize each job's image to see them in more detail. Otherwise the images will stay small and compact. Nice images from Zynga which play important role in adding to the game's attractiveness.

The screenshot below shows the specific job one needs to master in order to start building anything, i.e. the Casino which appeared to be one of the most important feature in the Vegas chapters. After all, Casino is what Las Vegas is famous about, isn't it?

It is not too hard to master this job "Steal A Truckload of Slots". If not mistaken it's the 3rd job in Chapter 1. You will loot Slot Machines in this job which are required in expanding your casino later.

So here is one of the exciting part - building your Casino! The section is not called "Properties" as in the previous cities, but it is called "My Casino". This casino is divided into few building segments which need mastery of different chapters to enable for expending. You can see all casino buildings remained grey and disabled until you master the job "Steal A Truckload of Slots". The casino is your source of income in Las Vegas!

The first building to get activated after you master the job stated above is the Slot building where the slot machines of your casino will be placed. After you start this building, the Vault building will be enabled for expanding as well.

Just like Chop Shop or Weapons Depot in New York, Slot needs friends' helps to supply the materials in order to expand. There is a small preview of your building's interior on the right top corner of the pop up screen which you can click to see in larger scale. Upgrading it will make the room look better and prettier (I presume). Same goes to the Vault.

The vault acts as " the bank" where you keep your money safe! It stated something like "There is no bank in the middle of desert...", so you have to build your own vault to secure your money! In the vault, you can also convert the money gained in New York tiers to Vegas chips! But then you can only do this once in every 24 hours.

Just like other cities, robbing feature will be available in Vegas tiers and the images are pretty "neon" look! Maybe this can reflect how Las Vegas looks like during night time, full of colorful lighting and it is so happening! Party time!

Fight also remain but there is a newly added gameplay called "Tournaments". It is just like you are taking part in the fight tournament in Las Vegas which also involves betting on the tournaments.

You can win titles and championship belts here by taking part in different tournaments with vary difficulties and requirements. I haven't venture into this section yet, so no further description on this, but I'll try it in the near future!

As other tiers, there are collection items and achievements to gain in Vegas. 3 sets of collectible items available which can only be gained through participating in Tournaments. There are also 10 achievements to claim in this city!


  1. OMG, Mafia first time post in your blog. right ?! haha ...

  2. Seems like more graphical UI.

  3. Yes.. the in-game graphic keep on improving and that's what attract me with this game... perhaps both of you should start to play! ;)


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