Friday, July 9, 2010

The Blue Bear - Bearyfrance

Got a free Celcom Blue Bear yesterday by reloading my hand phone credit by RM30. It is actually a promotion from the telco during this world cup season. The step is simple, for Celcom prepaid service XPAX users:
  1. Type BOLA and send to 22188
  2. Wait for a message which indicates successful registration and there is an instruction asking you to reload RM30.
  3. Reload RM30.
  4. A serial number will be sent to your hand phone and it is the key to claim the blue bear at the nearest service center!

There were 8 blue bears to choose from actually each wearing different jersey represents a country that took part in World Cup 2010. They are France, England, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Italy and also Brazil.

Each blue bear had been given a name in such a way that the name is the creative combination of the country's name it represents and the word "Bear". Thus, their name are BEARYFRANCE, ENGLBEAR, BEARTUGAL, ESBEARANYOL, BEARMANY, BEARGENTINA, BEARITALIA and BEARZIL.

I had a hard time decide which to choose actually. I wished to go for Brazil which is my all-time favorite team in football, but Spain is the one advanced to final in World Cup 2010. Their opponent will be Netherlands, but the country is not in the blue bear list! After long thought, I decided to take this year World Cup finalist - the Spain!

However when I redeemed the blue bear at the service center, the officer told me that they are out of stock and only France bear left. Either I take it or leave it! Well, I guess I have no choice as the promotion closing date is approaching. Just took whatever they offered but I am still doubt if they really out of stock or have other "agenda"!

Planned to get the blue bear represents the best team in this World Cup, but ended up redeem the worst - France! Little upset yet no choice.

For more information about this promotion, click here.


  1. Not bad la, blue bear with blue shirt.

  2. why DIGI dont have leh, cannot lah !!

  3. hahahahah.... now no world cup, back to normal routine. No more staying up late.

  4. Sometimes wake up middle in the night is not a bad experience... haha... well... wait for another 2 yrs... still have the chance!


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