Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Prime Minister's Visit @ Sibu Central Market

It was a big day for some Sibu people today! Yeah! Our Prime Minister (PM) Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak made his second visit to this town and this time the venue of his choice to make the ka-boom appearance at the public is Sibu Central Market!

I was there during office's lunch hour. I always try hard to find some interesting coverage to paint my blog and I guess this is a good chance since PM's visiting is not a frequent happening.


PM had been scheduled to arrive at the market area at around 11.45am. Thus, the crowd started to flood the entrance much earlier than that. Lion dance team, Malay kompang team and Iban cultural team were standby at the entrance to welcome the Prime Minister and I guess it was a way to show to the Prime Minister the spirit of 1 Malaysia in Sibu.


VIPs were there as well waiting for the arrival of the Premier. The one I saw including Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) chairman Tiong Thai King and his deputy Daneil Ngieng. Policemen were seen everywhere patrolling the market compound. I was wondering if normal days they can be seen patrolling like this, the crime rate for sure can be cut down further.

 [SMC Chairman Tiong Thai King]

[SMC deputy Chairman Daniel Ngieng]

After a long wait, at around 1pm, finally I could hear the siren of police traffic's car approaching which also indicates the arrival of the Premier. Surprisingly, his car stopped 3-feet away from the entrance. I didn't notice when PM stepped out from the car but the first thing he did after stepped out is to shake hands with the crowd standing at opposite side of the road.

PM then walked slowly towards the entrance of the market and I successfully snapped a photo of him. That's the time I get closest to the Premier but it was just a split second.

VVIPs such as Sarawak Chief Minister Pehin Seri Taib Mahmmud, his deputy George Chan and Alfred Jabu were also here, but their existence at this timing were seriously ignored by the crowd when the center of attraction was all on the white-shirt Prime Minister.


I tried to find a better position inside the market to get a better shot on the Premier, but I failed. I am not sure why, seems like my camera was too nervous and the shutter always slow a second when I clicked on it to snap at Prime Minister.

Surprisingly I was able to shake hand with the Chief Minister, his deputy Alfred Jabu and Sibu Tutong State Assemblyman Sun because they were seriously left behind! ;p

[Sarawak Chief Minister in blue shirt]

I could see some selfish photographers even climbed onto the table owned by some hawker at central market just to get a best shot for their own benefits. I personally felt this is a very irresponsible act.

It was a very short visit by the Premier and it was just about 15 - 20 minutes when PM walked from one end of the market to another before leaving the place. I just wondering if he really got chance to communicate with the hawkers to know about their difficulties or just a Ka-boom appearance for the coming state election.

Anyway, PM's short visit definitely cheered up the day and I believe it will leave little impact on the coming state election.

PM left the place at about 1.20pm and headed to a well-known hotel to enjoy his lunch in another occasion.

I personally sacrifice my lunch and the lunch time just to get the best photos for Just Sharing readers. I am not sure if it was worthy but what I am sure is that my passion towards blogging is still burning and do keep visit back my blog from time to time!

Other photos:

[A view near the entrance]

 [They gonna give this to the Premier]

[Toilet in Central Market were blocked for VIP only!!]


  1. must be you quite ambitious with it. Wong did bring his big guns or not to snap the premier photo? btw, the se;fish photographer is just too passion with his camera, the attitude should not be in photographer at least show some respect.

  2. haiyo, difficult to bring big big guns lah.
    I want to complaint that toilet in central market, my mother was blocked that morning because only for VIP, damn !!!!!!!!!! Not allow people piss piss when VVVVVVIP come oh, WTF!!

  3. I passed through the PM official residence in Putrajaya every day but never see him yet so far

  4. hahaha... BF... he was there as well la... but somehow ppl just forget about him at that moment..


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